Single coil build vs Duel coil build

I have been building coil decks now for a couple of months and have not worked out the benefits of duel coil builds at all….if there are any at all.
This is what I have found….please correct me if I am wrong.
Single coil builds are easier and take less time.
Single coil builds use one coil ( obviously ) and less cotton….and therefore cheaper in the long run.
Duel coil builds mean more <a href="”>juice usage.
Duel coil builds are lower resistance and therefore higher wattages are required and…

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Mod Wraps

Hello all,

I am looking for a clear wrap/skin for my Eleaf ipower. I don't want a wrap that has all graffiti on it or anything just a clear wrap to protect it from scratches. Has anyone had one on their mod that they could recommend?

Back up or more expensive mod?

Its getting on for 2 years since I started vaping as an experiment, immediately quitting smoking as a result, my new Nicotine Delivery System (NDS) was giving me what I needed, well most of the time. Started with the pen types, a variety of flavours and suppliers and after 6 months or so bought a Revolution VT60.

Following a slight mishap (managed to break a tank leaving the screw part embedded in the top of the VT60) I bought an elaef ipower as 'back up' as the tanks were compatible….

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Vapouriser floods constantly

I'm using a basic clearomiser but am getting fed up with it and I want to try a vapouriser with a replaceable head. I have tried several different makes but they all have the same problem – after a few puffs they stop working and there is a bubbling sound when I try to take a puff. The only way I know to fix this is to change the head, but this means using several heads a day!

What am I doing wrong?

Recommend a vape, please!

Currently using an Innokin Endura size T18 which I like fine, except the battery life isn't really good enough (1000mAh).
I've had a Kanger Cupti before which I like the size of but I couldn't get on with it – it gurgles and spits and just doesn't seem to work right.
Please recommend something for me. Requirements:
Bigger battery than 1000mAh, twice the size would be nice (replaceable, ideally)
Compact size, box shape preferred
Easily available pre-built and preferably cheapish coils

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