Ok, so I'm pretty broke atm and need some advive. I watched a YouTube video on how to rewick baby beast coils. I'm fairly sure I can do it right I just need to know the best cotton to use that is cheap but works really well. If u could link me to a site I would be very grateful. ❤

Tank help

Hi everyone am just getting back into vaping as I lost my way a bit and I've just bought a voopoo drag resin. My question is can anyone recommend some good tanks for flavour and clouds to go with the mod. Ill be using my mech when at home but bought the drag for work and when I'm out and about. Cheers

Sxk Hadaly vs wasp nano

Good evening fellow apes,

I have a little dilemma which i was hoping you could help me sort out.
With payday looming im looking to purchase a new rba to replace whats sat on top of my wraith but i am torn between the wasp nano and the sxk hadaly.
Both have fans, both have good reviews but which one should i plump for?
I prefer flavour to massive clouds if that helps.
Any advice is welcome and as always your time is well appreciated.

Thank you.

Help cheap juices please

Hello everybody

I have been vaping for a few months and I now finding it getting a bit costly buying it in the shop all the time, I was kinda hoping you lovely people could recommend me to cheap e liquid <a href="”>juices online.

I have done a quick research on the search bar that sell cheap <a href="”>juice like 100ml on sites like <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”><a href="”>juices-please.148637/”>Help cheap <a href="”>juices please