Newbie Ohms Panic

Hiya !

I've been happily huffing away on my smok alien for a month or so. I have a t8 coil and <a href="”>vape at about 70w , give or take.

Now, I've just joined and I've been reading about ohms. On the t8 coil it reads 0.15 but on the aliens display it reads 0.163. Should it be going above 0.15?

I'm suddenly feeling very worried it'll blow up! ( I can almost hear the laughter ! )

Some Nicotine help please

Hi Everyone

Im new here and fed up with spending so much on <a href="”>vape <a href="”>juice so have decided to dive in and make my own.

I have found bottles of pg and vg on amazon that I am going to order but seem stuck with the nicotine. I was looking at the nicotine shots on Darkstar but am unsure which one I need to buy. 100% vg, 100% pg or a mix?

I currently <a href="”>vape with 70vg/30pg and mix blueberry and menthol 3mg nicotine together. I was looking to buy the capella blueberry and capella menthol and mix…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Some Nicotine help please

Help starting, Vape kit for blind (severly sight impaired)

Hi All

Recent health problem has rendered me practically blind, I have tried vaping and failed in the past. However due to rescent health prob I need to quit the ciggies. I try to give a brief what I am looking for.

1. Something easy to use. I see these variable voltage devices, however i wouldnt be able to see the screen or dials. So maybe something thats ready to go straight from the box or maybe couple of buttons for different settings.

2. I wouldnt be able to change coils…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”><a href="”>vape-kit-for-blind-severly-sight-impaired.154429/”>Help starting, <a href="”>vape kit for blind (severly sight impaired)

Joytech Penguin

I have a penguin as my work <a href="”>vape and dripper at home. I have started to make my own <a href="”>juice and was wondering how high my Vg % could be for the penguin.

I'd like to make just one <a href="”>juice for both currently buying 50/50 but have been making 70/30 for dripper.

Is there a good % range that will work well for both?

Dead Rabbit SQ Problem

Received the SQ on Friday as wanted a decent single coil rda but I just can't get a decent <a href="”>vape from it. The <a href="”>vape is very weak and hardly any vapour. Have tried it on regulated and mech, different coils but makes no difference. Coil seems to heat up ok. Any suggestions before I contact with vendor?

Flapton advice needed

I'm currently using a Kylin with duel Ni80 coils at 70-80 watts (with regulated mod)

I recently made the switch from Kanthal to Ni80 coils and so far I'm happy with the results

I'd like to find a better build for the Kylin and I like the look of flapton coils but I'm not sure what AWG I should go for.

I watched a video of a bloke using a single coil 19 AWG Ni80 flapton but he said it chucks a shit load of <a href="”>vape so I'm thinking if I am using dual coils then maybe I should go for something…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Flapton advice needed

Cake Juices Cause Headaches….

As above guys, I really struggle with cake <a href="”>juices. I love the smell of some, and the taste when I try them, but without fail I get a horrific headache that last all day.

The glazed donut by loaded in the 10ml bottles is fine for me. no issue. I decided to buy the big 120ml as I liked it so much, but that 120ml bottle give me an awful headache.

Anyone got any ideas? I'm wondering if there is an ingredient that has been taken out of the TPD bottles which is why I was ok with the 10ml one and…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”><a href="”>juices-cause-headaches.154265/”>Cake <a href="”>juices Cause Headaches….