Questions, questions and more questions

Hi again everyone. I'm still working on figuring everything out here, playing with settings and different <a href="”>juices and it occurred to me that there are still a lot of things I am unsure of.

First, the <a href="”>juice in my K3 tank looks like it has burnt. I had replaced the coil around mid week last week and haven't used it enough that I would think it would have burnt out. It is a 1.8 Clapton Coil, I use it with my Eleaf TC40W between 13-16W. Would taking too long a draw on it cause the <a href="”>juice to…

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My noob conclusions on airflow

alright lets talk about airflow.
i and many others were initially under the impression that less air = more flavour and more air = more vapour production. While this is true when looking at the total volume of vapour being produced, it does little to explain how to influence that total volume, and becomes a rather clumsy axiom of reasoning when assesing an atomizer and deciding to buy xyz product because it has more or less "airflow". In my experience, those factors alone do not necessarily…

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Coils and Ohms

Hi everyone

I got my coils changed today for the first time since I got my vandy <a href="”>vape kensei RTA.

The new coils are tiger 0.36ohm – there's 2 of them in the kensei

If I am right, the ohm reading should be around 0.18. Mine are showing as 0.26. this is quite a bit higher so am wondering if this ok or should the reading be less?

If it is ok, so I can learn something, what do you do if you put in your coils and the ohm reading is way too high or way too low? How do you go about making…

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GeekVape Flask Liquid Dispenser – Anyone Got One?

Just happened upon this on youtube. Designed mainly for filling squonkers (not me) but also tanks (me). Now obviously I don't need one, but FT are doing them for $18 which seems ok. Looks good and looks like it would travel well.

So has anyone got one / used one. And is there anything similar on the market? (i.e. a tank filling bottle that's a bit more substantial than your average plastic stuff). I only <a href="”>vape one <a href="”>juice so think…

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Help with glass tube

I just received order with rba for baby tank. And it looks like the glass tube is 2 mm to long. Bottom part for a coil fits just fine. I'm not sure if I am doing something vrong or they send me wrong one or I ordered wrong one.
Chek the pictures to see what I'm talking about

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