Nautilus X – Hardly Any Flavour

Sorry if this topic has been covered/resolved in the past.

I have an Aspire Nautilus X with 1.5 ohm stock coils, running at 14watts on an Artery Nugget 2 mod.

I am finding that I am getting very little flavour, but also getting somewhat of a dry/acrid taste with most of my <a href="”>juices. Not sure if it is the tank, coils or even the <a href="”>juice. I can't go higher than the minimum wattage range suggested on the coils (14-20w) as the taste gets worse and I end up choking.

<a href="”>juice strength I am using is…

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Are we OVER simple roundwire builds?

Hey chaps,

Just checking the temperature of this theory, I just noticed all the recent tank releases seem designed for monster coils of the fancy staggered staple alien juggernaut twisted fused clapton variety.

Now if I'm treating myself, and feeling a little rebellious, I've been known to chuck a cheeky clapton build in my RDAs and chuck some cloudage around the living room, but my go-to for a long time – and the one I stick in every new atty to benchmark its performance – is always a…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Are we OVER simple roundwire builds?

Wismec Predator 228 issues (You are tearing me apart Lisa!)

So I have the Predator 228, I thought long & hard about what I wanted before I settled on it… it's let me down in almost every aspect I purchased it for.

Regardless of all that I was wondering if some of the issues can be fixed as it's not functioning as it should & we all know that vaping hasn't reached that point where manufacturers will stand by their products for more than 90 days.

The most worst thing it does is heat up when used with a anything a little demanding, I'm sure it's…

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Lightweight Pocket mod/pod

Hi all
I’m looking into getting a new bit of kit I can keep in my coat pocket and use just when I go out to shops etc and can just stay there no leaking or issues and so on..
I have the Bo vaping set up but do not like any of the pods and no satisfaction
I have the Hoxton click but can not get a decent drag out of satisfaction
Was looking at aspire breeze or that penguin thing or something along those lines..
Are there any recommendations..would prefer to put in my own liquid but…

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Hi,now that I've got your attention does any one have any suggestions for similar tasting <a href="”>juice along the lines of El Toro Cigarillos. I've tried their website but they are out of stock at the moment.
I'm looking for a plain full bodied Cuban cigar flavour around the 5-10mg nic strength.
Thanks in advance.

Any ideas

I use a goon 1.5 and by pre-made coils from advanced <a href="”>vape supply in the states as i dont have the time. I buy ss316L and ss430 and I wick with either Kendo or bacon. At the moment my coils are 26ga 5 wraps coming in at 0.17ohms and I run in temp mode at 35-45w and 196-240 degrees c. Over the last week I have been getting really good flavour but am still tasting the vapour/<a href="”>juice when i swallow after a hit. Now I am not feeling any <a href="”>juice in my mouth but do on my lips/beard. Have I screwed up…

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back and in need of help

i went through a bad stage of depression new years eve 2016 and started smoking again, it started as one fag and now over 20 a day…….i <a href="”>smoke outside in the freezing cold and it does not bother me
i need to quit but failing fast i ve been diagnosed type 2 diabetes and a slight blockage in one of the arteries coming off a main heart artery, also hypothyroid
ive seen the smoking nurse and tried all the NRT's but the lozengers and gum make my throat feel as if its closing up, quit mist had…

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Kensei rta taste problem

hi can any one help me out I’ve just got the Kensei rta I’ve got two fused stainless steel Clapton’s in ohms at .197 but none of the <a href="”>juice I put in it taste as good as they do in my Prince tanks or any other normal tank can any one help me out?

Need help with RDA

Hey guys,

When I try and <a href="”>vape sometimes it fires at the max wattage of the device and on some devices like the Teslacigs 220w it just says its "too hot" when I go to fire it and sometimes fires at 220w, on my Xcube Ultra it says theres a short when it looks like there isn't, the coil isnt touching any other metal appart from the clamps in the goon 1.5.

Has this happened to anyone else? Its a bit weird, I just want to <a href="”>vape and its acting weird?

I hope you can help guys if so thanks a lot.