More help please

so, my serpent smm has arrived, I’m going to watch some YouTube on wicking.

I’ve coils with it, doesn’t say what they are or the ohmage. I’m using a wismec rx.

So that should tell me the resistance yes?

How will I know what wattage to start at? I’m using a .15 Uwell cool at 90w at the mo.

Is there anything I need to know about safety? I’m presuming I’m save with a dna chip?

Nicotine cutting down

Having narrowing arteries and an operation I was told in no uncertain terms quit the nic or loose a leg by the surgeon.

So after all the crap quit methods, gum, patches, inhallers and the worst Champix tablet (sent me loopy) I resorted to vaping and BINGO I had managed to quit in just over a week, I bit the bullet and started at 10mg instead of 16mg and soon was dropping down, I am currently on 3mg but vaping more which is more down to the pleasure of the <a href="”>vape and flavours rather than…

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GeekVape Blitzen – Dry hits?!

Hey guys,

Just got my Geek<a href="”>vape Blitzen from FastTech. I've rewicked it 3 times now and i'm still getting dry hits! I've followed Vaping with Vic's guide too and it's still happening. I have a Wake RTA which is a really fiddly bit of kit to wick, but it's working perfect for me.

What am i doing wrong!?


Kylin Wismec atomizer low

Hey peeps

just got a kylin rta today I fitted it to my old Wismec rx200 and it keeps staying atomizer low but I put my ZEUS rta on it works great and then I put my kylin on my rx2 20700 and it did the same atomizer low. swapped it round and little now it works on my rx2 but still won’t play ball on my rx200. I can get it work if I slowly screw it on to the rx200 but after about 10mins it goes back to the atomizer low. It’s slightly annoying because I wanted tommy Zeus to be my main one on…

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starter kits

can I have some advice about what starter kit to buy my auntie. Her husband <a href="”>vapes all ready. I wanted it in pink. nothing to hard for her to work. I've seen one. arc mini 20w e cig kit what are your thoughts on this kit. pros and cons etc.

Shinyitis to Shakyitis

I have so many flavours on the go it's becoming a chore to go round shaking them all each day (often a couple of times).

It's good exercise but without boring you with medical reasons I struggle.

Call me lazy but there's got to be an easy way of shaking a bunch of <a href="”>juices, so has anyone got any Top Tips on bottle shaking?

At the moment I have some joined together with a rubber band and shake 4 bottles together.

Vaping for disabled

Hi all
I’m a vapour having started as a means to quit smoking..which I’m happy to have done not smoking this year less 2 days while I waited for my kit.
One thing I have noticed is how difficult it’s been for me to get vaping stuff I can use without issues/problems
I have disabilities in both my legs/knees and arm and hand but the main problem one is my right hand and arm..
I’m a veteran and was injured during service basically I have limited use of my right arm and hand due to damage…

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