Coil Position…

Me again,

Just wanted thoughts on where you guys find the position of coils work best…?

I use the cleito 120 with RBA deck, and was just wondering if you thought the coils would work better closer to the air holes, or higher up? I normally put them in line with where they naturally sit..

I am about to rebuild so thought I would see if I get any replies before I do it.

Showcase for a mutant alien!

This setup works pretty well and everything is angled correctly…sort of!

Only issue it has due to the squonk bottle position it makes it a little bit awkward to fire depending on how you hold it and in which hand!

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>” target=”_blank”>View attachment 147048

Hg2 and vtc6

Git a smok gx350. Was using hg2 3000mah batts. Decided to upgrade to vtc6 3000mah. After using the vtc batts for 2 months i notuced the hg2 batts didnt fit my mod as well as before. It looks like the vtc6 batts are slightly taller and have warped the batt cover. Theres a small gap where i can see my batteries between frame and battery cover. Has anyone else experienced this. Is there a way of fixing the misshaped battery cover. Thanks.