Coils for Kylin RTA?

Hi everyone and happy new year to all you apes !!!

Just got an Ijoy Genie PD270 and a Kylin RTA.

Can anyone please tell me which are the best coils to use in it?

I don't want to make my own as I am just progressing away from sub-ohm tanks to the RTA and have to learn how to build it (I think that's what it is called).

Thanks for any advice

Recommendations for new Vape

Hi, Fairly new to Vaping, started 5 months ago with an Aspire Pockex and not had a cigarette since. Really like the Pockex running on 0.6 coils and 18-23 fixed wattage but it leaks quite a bit and the battery life isn't what I'd hoped for.

So, looking to move on and after recommendations please. Good battery life is a must, I like 0.6 coils so similar and similar or adjustable wattage would be great. Been reading about the JacVapour <a href="”>vape, would that be good?