Constant dry hits of Lemo?

I got a Lemo on the cheap on black Friday. I've used a Kayfun for years so didn't think there would be much difference but this thing is a PITA.

The coil that came with it was great and worked fantastic but I'll be damned if I can get this thing to stop dry hits. I've tried less cotton where it just pulls through barely catching, I've tried more cotton where it will tip the mod over if pulling through, I've tried 26 gage, 24 gage, doesn't matter a damn.

As I say I've been building for…

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Smok spirals RBA deck

Hello chaps , I`M really liking the spirals tank and especially the re-buildable coil , but I cant source spare pre-built coils , the deck and coil is tiny , i`ve asked in a couple of shops and searched the net , all i can find is spare complete decks … I dont want to build coils …….. the kit comes with a pre built 0.55 clapton which suits me fine
Any suggestions ?

Royal Mail tracking broke ?

I have two parcels on their way via Royal Mail.
The tracking appears to be broke, knackered, bust, fucked ( delete as appropriate )
On entering the tracking number it comes up with the following message ' The system is currently unable to confirm the status of your item with reference XXXXXX. Please try again later '
What is odd though is the item coming from the UK just shows the above message.
But the item coming from Fasttech China also shows the above message but strangely shows it's…

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Good MTL setup for Beginners or Intermediate Vapers?

Hi, I am new to vaping, started a month ago with an ego kit. I am planning to upgrade my <a href="”>vape kit.Two tanks that interests me are-
i) Aspire Nautilus 2
ii) Innokin Zenith (Although this is new tank with very little reviews as of now and also I am bit skeptical about the availability of coils at at present)

1. Which would be a better tank for me?

2. Can you suggest a reliable and safe MTL set up for me? What would be a good mod for these tanks? I am thinking about getting a mod that would…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”><a href="”>vapers.153403/”>Good MTL setup for Beginners or Intermediate <a href="”>vapers?

Kensei rta and ohms

Hi i have a kensei rta and struggle getting the correct ohms on it I use duel Clapton 0.45 so should come out around 0.2ish. But reading 0.39 . Any one else find this issue with the kensei rta by candy <a href="”>vape. The kylin was spot on on ohms. This isn't? Would it matter or effect flavour?


hi thanks for looking I’m currently buying stuff to enxble me to mix my own <a href="”>juice.

I bought a bottle of blackcurrent from one pound liquid and it was spot on best one up to now.

Can anyone advise on a decent blackcurrent I can buy and mage my own