Pink Prince tank at good price U.K.?

My boyfriend and I panicked and overpaid for a silver prince tank as soon as they were released, as we found one with the glass extension and thought we were lucky (tpd and all).

I really like it and now that I see there is no need to panic, I wanted to ask if somebody knows where to get one in auto pink from a safe source in the U.K.

I found a couple on eBay, but if anybody knows of a safer place or cheaper to get them in auto pink from, that would be great ( they go for around 34 or 38…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Pink Prince tank at good price U.K.?

Dear SMOK I love you I hate you ……

After just wasting 3 hours trying to get the new Smok Prince RBA to work (the ohms jumped all over the place on my coilmaster deck)

I check all the connections were tight, changed the premade coils to my own, tinkered around, eventually getting a 0.4 ohms steady, did a test burn to remove hotspots etc. and it jumped around and failed each time I touched the coils (with ceramic tweezers) AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH – resisted throwing it and went for a cuppa and <a href="”>vape to calm down.

I eventually…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Dear SMOK I love you I hate you ……

Tips for those who just wanna quit smoking vs becoming a Vaping Pro

These are my tips thru trial and error that helped me quit fags. This is geared towards those who just want an alternative to smoking, rather than those who want to delve into the realm of mods, ohms, watts etc etc. I’ve been quit for 18 months and still haven’t a clue & no desire to learn. I love my <a href="”>vape because it’s tasty and gives me nicotine, saves me £, saves my health & I don’t smell. This is what has worked for me:

Btw, I have 2 iStick 30w batteries & have just switched to Nautilus 2…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Tips for those who just wanna quit smoking vs becoming a Vaping Pro

Cotton question or maybe coil question

I have been using ss316L with cotton bacon in temp mode for a while now.

Today I got some ss430 from advanced <a href="”>vape supply which came with cotton in the little tube with the coils which I think maybe Kendo it is definitely non bleached organic cotton.

The flavor I am getting is fantastic but I don't know if its the cotton or the coils does anyone have any idea of which is producing the better flavor?

Added info

Using DNA75c with goon 1.5. Coils reading 0.11. Running at 30w and 220c



I’m a little worried. I drink plenty of water. But when I take hits about 1.6+ seconds then the back of my throat starts to burn and gets worse the longer hitter I take.

My liquid is at 70 VG : 30 PG and my coil is pretty much brand new. My coil is 0.4 ohms and I’m using 45W.

Please help someone as I really enjoy vaping and I need it to help with my ADHD. I can’t when it just hurts.

For some reason if I blow in the chimney I can do longer hits with no pain???

The Vape Store Story – Is anyone else like me?

Can anybody relate to me on this?
Or am I alone!!

This is me every time I Go to <a href="”>vape store

Girlfriend – What you getting from the <a href="”>vape shop babe?

Me – Just need some new coil wire darling only £2-3

Girlfriend – Awww your so good with money.

*Enters the <a href="”>vape Shop*
<img src="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:assassin:” title=”Assassin :assassin:” />

Me – Just 10FT of kanthal A1 please

*Looks Around*
And an Aspire athos with 5 coils, a dotmod petri, a multipack of pre made aliens, 6 new battery wraps, a coil master v3 kit, new set of coil…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”><a href="”>vape–store-story-is-anyone-else-like-me.153309/”>The <a href="”>vape store Story – Is anyone else like me?

Question regarding batteries

I've a pair of Samsung 18650 25r batteries which were charged last night. When I put them into my mod one of them is only showing a half charge. I'm assuming that this will happen given the length of time I've owned the pair? Why does this happen and what kind of life should I expect from my batteries? Should I try charging the battery again?

I'm very careful with my batteries. Probably a little too anal so should I bin the other battery in the pair or just bin the faulty battery

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Question regarding batteries

Ohms jumping on voopoo drag?

Using the Bonza rda on the voopoo drag and I'm having some issues, hot legs, etc. I've noticed the ohms jumo considering whilst firing and was wondering what gives. Using 24guage kanthal wire, here I'll try post a pic

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