geekvape gbox

hi can anyone tell me @ fasttech they are selling the geek<a href="”>vape gbox in a(t.d.p edition ) or a (standard edition ) is there any difference ie: is one better than the other they both look the same to me and the details about them are the same ijust dont understand ?..

Newbie aspire pockex

I’m a complete Vaping newbie have been lurking for a while and finally signed up.
Anyway I quit cigs 10 days ago with vype epen and after reading on here decided to buy something a bit better. the local <a href="”>vape shop recommended aspire pockex. Got it yesterday and it spits gurgles and gets really hot. right now I’m considering going back to the epen, can anyone help please I’m 10 days cig free which is longest Iv ever been and really want to make a go of Vaping.
Ps I can’t DTL with it as it…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Newbie aspire pockex

Can’t refill without help?

Hi guys,

Haven’t been in touch for a while, however I was hoping for some advice please? I’ve recently gone back to mtl which is helping with the cravings much better.The problem is I can’t find a suitable <a href="”>vape pen which is easy to refill with <a href="”>juice. All the kits same to pose the same problem which is unscrewing the top of the tank to fill the <a href="”>juice. I have very poor dexterity due to arthritis which is my main problem. I was just wondering are there any products out there that have an…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Can’t refill without help?