How about a 30mm RDA for squonking?

Apparently Steam Crave are already working on a 30mm RDA using the Titan's lego deck which will have a BF option. But if that isn't fantastical enough they are also designing a squonk mod for the thing to fit on with an increased capacity bottle. This could be interesting.

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Wow Rip Trippers was right

With regards to his coil cleaning method.

1. Leave coil in grain alcohol for 12 hours. I left mine in vodka for 16 hours.
2. Rinse under very hot water for a minute
3. Leave in a bowl of cold water for an hour or 2
4. Rinse again with hot water
5. Allow to dry (airing cupboard)

My old cleito coil isnt 100% like new but i'd say a good 85%, flavour is spot on but it seems to want to give dry hits at lower wattage. Still a big money saver

Terrible flavour…

hey guys and gals… I'm having a breakdown with this vaping lark! my original set up was endura 22… then bought a nautilus 2- using the 1.8 coil because of the battery only a fixed 14w. Got on OK with liquid flavour (chirkahlia sun), although I am now totally bored with this, not 'hitting the spot'…but I have spent a fortune on diff flavour liquids.. all of which I have found to be totally gross! So fed up of wasting money. I felt like I needed a better 'hit' and so purchased the…

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Just want to double check…

I bought a Triple RTA, I fitted 3 0.85Ohm Clapton coils. It reads at 0.28 Ohms on my Ohm meter. I've read/watched several Ohms Law videos/tutorials.

I'm using a Smoant Battlestar with two Samsung 30Q's. When I feed this into Steam engine I get:

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The rating for the 30Q is 19A. Will this be ok to use? I just want to make sure before I use it all, if I have to start again that's fine.