VaporflaskSX firmware needed


I recently bought a vaporflask Sx and need the latest firmware to run it in tcr mode.

I emailed <a href="”>vapeforward and they said they couldn't help me. Worst customer service ever. They must have really fallen out with yihi?

Does anyone have the latest firmware on their computer still? Could you contact me please so I can grab a copy. Would really appreciate it.


22GA Kanthal – 2.5MM – 6-7 wraps question

Hello Fellow <a href="”>vapernauts

Quick questions that have been troubling me today.

1. ordered 20 premade Kathal A1 22GA 6-7 wrap coils from Pronto direct on ebay. 0.4 Ohms seems to be reading a little low on a dual build at 0.154 should I worry?

2. One of the coils literally snapped apart at the top of each leg as it goes into the coil during a dry burn (in fairness I hadnt realised the mod was at 81 watts and also had it held down far to long thing was properly glowing and i think 22 ga is…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>22GA Kanthal – 2.5MM – 6-7 wraps question