Mod recommendation

I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a new mod. My alien hinge has started to give up the ghost and has a little gap at the bottom (can't see what the cause is tbh) and I have no intention of using it like that. So back to my xcube but it's a bastard to travel with and it's fire button so want to invest in a new mod

So what am I after? A hand size mod, similar in size to the alien, 150w fine doesn't have to be a super mod. Looking for a dual 1080 as well, nothing with…

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DNA 75c Parallel battery queries

I am trying to get grips with my fairly new Think <a href="”>vape DNA75c mod with twin batteries.
Now this is the first parallel mod I have owned as all the rest are in series.
I have set the mod up in the latest version of Escribe with the correct battery type and the latest firmware. Also the batteries i am using are brand new and a matching pair of Samsung 30Q's.
The issue is battery life and battery discharge.
Am I correct in thinking in a parallel mod the two batteries do not discharge evenly….

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>DNA 75c Parallel battery queries

Stock Coil Atomizers

Just looking for some recommendations for a decent stock coil tank. I had a Cleito 120 but was drunk in Germany and lost my setup

Anything new on the market worth a look. I generally use RTAs but I decent stock coil tank for trips abroad when you can’t be bothered to build.