Breathing issues

Has anyone found that vaping can affect their breathing, As a little background information I stopped smoking around 14 months ago as the cigs were leaving me short of breath however that had long since cleared up or at least had improved a great deal. Just recently I got fed up still having cravings so instead of going back to stinkies I figured I would try vaping instead, the thing is it seems to be effecting my breathing, I can also feel a moistness in my chest since starting with the…

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Ni200 questions

I have only used stainless steel in temp mode and have been thinking about trying some Ni200.

My understanding is that it is not a good idea to dry burn Ni200 so is it case of pulsing it in wattage mode at a very low wattage which I did with stainless steel? or do I not do that at all?

Also I prefer about 0.2 ohm so what diameter etc should I be looking at?

I will be using the coils on a goon 1.5 and Lost <a href="”>vape paranormal 75c