Innokin Cool Fire Ultra TC150 Charging Issues

Good evening,

I recently purchased an Innokin Cool Fire Ultra TC150. I haven't had a chance to use it yet. The only experience I have at the moment is that it has what I believe to be charging issues.

The device can be turned on (click 3 times, flashed red, yellow and green) then shows the screen but shows the battery is very low. when I plug it in the with USB (the one provided with the device) in to my laptop – the red light shows – and when you check the screen it shows that it is…

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What knowledge will I need in a vape retailer?

Hello, I do not personally <a href="”>vape although I have applied to a <a href="”>vape retailer and the manager has stated they want to talk to me on a face to face basis, so I need to research but have been overwhelmed and somewhat confused by the information.

Anyway, my question is what would you expect your <a href="”>vape retailer to know?

Nautilus 2 Burning Taste?

So, I recently purchased a Nautilus 2 and an Innokin Cool Fire IV to enhance my vaping experience.
Comes with a .7 ohm coil so I left that in and filled it up. After playing with the settings I was blown away by how good my pink lemonade flavoured liquid tasted, it was so much better than what I had before.

So, as you can imagine, after much use the coil burnt out so I had to change it.
Ever since I have changed it if I set it to the same wattage/voltage I found was the best for the…

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Which is the best the vandy <a href="”>vape MTL rebuildable RTA TANK, or the pete presardo innoken new ARES tank ,i am definitely going to buy one
I saw the pete Presardo on you tube,he explained it so well ,the placing coil etc in the tank,how to build coil .He was so good I felt like a student listening an watching.The best explanation on video i have ever seen,so well informed in detail.Plus so much included in the MTL rebuildable tank.
Well what do you lot think ?have you seen it .? Thankyou…

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Upgrade options. Help!

Hi all,

Around 18 months ago I bought an Endura T22 kit. It came with the battery part (which I believe is called a "mod" (?). It also came with the tank, and a box of coils.

Now, that is the sum total of my knowledge on the subject.

I'm happy with the device I have, with one major exception – the battery indicator, or rather lack thereof.

So, what I'm looking for is basically the same thing but with a mod that has a battery indicator or better yet removable rechargeable batteries. So I…

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Flattened Ni80 Coil building

Hey guys. I've just got my first roll of flattened Ni80 in this mornings mail and I thought I'd whack a build together. Then I thought I would make a thread on here, my experience and your responses might help someone else.
I am by no means an expert but I've built a few coils.
It is a little bit more fiddly to wrap than round wire as it folds over on itself if you squeeze it too hard on the jig. I just used my fingers to wrap round the jig which worked fine.
I used 24AWG Ni80 Flattened…

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Need a new istick type mod?

After some advice here guys. I replace my mod every Christmas mainly because the battery life starts to go. At the moment I am alternating between the iStick Power and the iStick TC40W. So that gives you an idea of what I am after. Something fairly basic with built-in batteries etc, I am an eleaf fan but they've gone very quiet of late and haven't released much this year.