GeekVape Aegis and Fogstar battery’s

Hi all,

Got a Geek<a href="”>vape Aegis earlier this week and ordered some Fogstar 26650 batteries to go with it however I’ve ran into a bit of a problem.

The battery door/thing won’t screw all the way on!

It leaves a slight lip where the battery thing sits proud of the bottom of the mod and I don’t wanna force it and ruin my new battery’s.

Anyone have any idea if it’s safe to try screwing it further so the bottom is flat? My 18650s all work fine, it’s just these 26650s.


Losing flavour after 1-2 days or none at all

I have a smok Alien 220 stock with baby beast tank.

I have been having an ongoing issue with coils only lasting 1 week, now the issue is the flavour as well.
On the first few coils the flavour was only good for 1 day, and then became weaker and weaker until after 2-3 days it tastes of nothing. On some coils I have had no flavour at all from day 1.

I do not use the <a href="”>vape that much, only in the evenings, so base don other people's reported all day usage I should be getting a few weeks out of…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Losing flavour after 1-2 days or none at all