Three silly questions that don’t really matter

But I am asking them anyway

I got a dna75c and the dae reads wrong when I try to set it on the mod I have to do the year as 18 and when I go off it it goes to 17 however it seems to revert to 16. Is there a setting in escribe I can't see to set the date format? or have I downloaded the wrong version of escribe? I did US version not international. Does the date etc revert each time you change batteries?

A newbie learnt lesson for tank leaks for cleito EXO!

hey all,

im not sure but i finally feel able to contribute my experience (though limited) for those going MTL to sub ohm!

things i got wrong!

1. i thought it was going to be simple!
2. proper priming

That said! I'm still learning and loving it!

my reflection!

i have now learnt after several tank dumps and spitting, loss of flavour and vapour, several coils and bottles of e liquid how to troubleshoot a tank! namely an aspire cleito EXO.

a wash in soapy water of the tank body, and a…

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Ok so I'm thinking about getting an OUMIER MAXIMUS RDTA.. so my question is does anyone have one of these and can attest to how well they work and if it is good for sub ohming? And one other thing I had been looking at buying a kbox 160w but after doing some research found it had quite a bit of issues so if someone can suggest a mod that is well known to hold up (so far only one I've found that has mostly held up since I started vaping 2 years ago, my aspire Plato) with very few issues or no…

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