Grabbed a Kensei in an emergency and I’m chuffed.

I stripped a screw head in my Supreme and needed to grab an RTA as I'd donated my others to friends and only have drippers left. Went into the local b&m who had a crap selection. He was pushing the Kensei but I wasn't sure about the deck which looked like a pain in the arse to centralise the coils. It was a bit of a faff but not too difficult. I've been chuffing away for a few hours now and I'm really impressed. Air flow is super smooth and perfect for me. A little resistance but lots of…

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Burning lips when first dripping???

Hey guys,

Need a bit of help, been using drippers for a while so used to them, but I come across this issue randomly, I had initially thought it was the dripper I used more than anything else as it always happened on a specific 2 (Goon 1.5 and Skywalker). But am now getting it in my Drop after a month of it being perfect and I don't get why…

So have rebuilt this Drop about once or twice a week since getting it cause I'm a tinkerer, I have had plain claptons, juggernauts, mix twisted and…

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Coil On Uwell Valyrian Gone Black And Burnt After 2 Days.

So, as the title says, I got my uwell valyrian on Thursday, started using it straight away with a stock coil and today which is 2 days later, I was getting burnt taste to the point it was hurting my throat, so I changed the coil.

looked inside the old one and the coil itself has gone black and nasty, whereas the cotton is still nice white and fresh looking. Now the <a href="”>juice I'm using is some grape soda type but its a clear <a href="”>juice so hoping it aint got loads of sweeteners in it. Been running it…

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DNA Advice please

Hey guys.
I have 2 DNA devices now and I love both for different reasons. The DNA chip is great.
That being said I have not adjusted the DNA in any way.
I'd like a bit of advice in what to do please.
One reason I am wanting to do this is because in one mod I am using a VTC5a cell, and if I let it get down to what looks to be around 20% on the DNA display, it shows below 10% on my Xtar charger. I am concerned this could fuck my cell.
So I saw someone mention they had their mod set to use…

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510 socket

Hi 2 questions for you I need help with. My wife dropped her zelos kit and now the tank has small amount of play when fully attached to the mod, I checked it on mine and is solid, so it must be the 510 has come loose on her mod, is there anyway to fix this myself? Or is it knackered? Still works btw but is annoying as the tank wobbles slightly. Also similar problem on 2 coolfire4 mods both have slightly angled 510 sockets as when any tank is attached there is a slight gap at one side and…

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Pink Prince tank at good price U.K.?

My boyfriend and I panicked and overpaid for a silver prince tank as soon as they were released, as we found one with the glass extension and thought we were lucky (tpd and all).

I really like it and now that I see there is no need to panic, I wanted to ask if somebody knows where to get one in auto pink from a safe source in the U.K.

I found a couple on eBay, but if anybody knows of a safer place or cheaper to get them in auto pink from, that would be great ( they go for around 34 or 38…

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Dear SMOK I love you I hate you ……

After just wasting 3 hours trying to get the new Smok Prince RBA to work (the ohms jumped all over the place on my coilmaster deck)

I check all the connections were tight, changed the premade coils to my own, tinkered around, eventually getting a 0.4 ohms steady, did a test burn to remove hotspots etc. and it jumped around and failed each time I touched the coils (with ceramic tweezers) AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH – resisted throwing it and went for a cuppa and <a href="”>vape to calm down.

I eventually…

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Tips for those who just wanna quit smoking vs becoming a Vaping Pro

These are my tips thru trial and error that helped me quit fags. This is geared towards those who just want an alternative to smoking, rather than those who want to delve into the realm of mods, ohms, watts etc etc. I’ve been quit for 18 months and still haven’t a clue & no desire to learn. I love my <a href="”>vape because it’s tasty and gives me nicotine, saves me £, saves my health & I don’t smell. This is what has worked for me:

Btw, I have 2 iStick 30w batteries & have just switched to Nautilus 2…

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