Baby beast coils burning out

Evening all, soon have recently purchased an alien 220 however my coils are burning very quick, literally after a few pulls in some cases. I have no idea if it’s the mod or my error, I have tried various liquids to make sure it’s not the sweetener eroding the coil but nothing works. Currently on 30W to prevent it burning but it’s not enough. Any advice is appreciated.

0.7 coils in nautilus mini?

I've got a nautilus 2 and the mini (as my back up tank) and I'm finding that the flavour in the nautilus 2 is literally 100 times better than that of the mini. I'm just curious as to whether this is because it is a better tank or whether it is the coils I'm using? I'm using the 0.7 ohm coil in the nautilus 2 and the 1.8 in the mini. If I put a 0.7 into the mini (I think its compatible) would it improve the flavour that's lacking from the mini tank? Thanks

First RDA…

So i had been vaping on a lot of Smok products, i had a Smok Alien 220W with the Baby Beast. and i've had upgraded to a Smok Procolour 225W with the Baby Beast EU. And i have been wondering about an RDA. I thought about it quite some time. My friend has a VGOD Pro Drip RDA which he is willing to give me but i'm worried that it will not work on a Smok Procolour and so i had decided to come over here and ask you guys <img src="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:)” title=”1 :)” />

Which starter kit to buy, to upgrade from basic ego type pen?

I'm looking for a decent upgrade from my very basic Strive starter kit. I hope folks are able to provide some advice and guidance, as I'm not experienced or knowledgeable about these things. Folks have been really great responding to my previous newbie questions here!

I've got Amazon UK vouchers, so intend to use them to get a new starter kit, that will provide a better vaping experience than my basic ego pen. I'm also looking to save money via replaceable coils, if possible.

Having read…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Which starter kit to buy, to upgrade from basic ego type pen?

Nicotine where to get it

I use to use the 72mg 100ml bottle of nicotine now all I want is to know where I can get nicotine to add to my e<a href="”>juice I do 100ml at a time so are the 10ml nic shots ok for adding to my e<a href="”>juice?
I normally make ten bottles of 100ml

Geekvape Zeus RTA troubles

Hi, I’ve just go the Zeus RTA and I’m having trouble getting a decent hit with this thing.

I’ve tried loads of different coils from fused Clapton’s to single 24g builds, all 3mm I’d. I don’t seem to get much flavour and the taste always seems dry even though the wicks are wet.
I’ve tried more cotton and less cotton and nothing seems to work!

Any one got this rta and had success with it? I need help please!

Baby Q2 0.6Ω

Having trouble getting hold of the higher res version of the Baby Beast Q2 coil. Every website I've tried is OOS and all the B&Ms near me (Lincoln) say they have it on order but have no idea when they'll get it. If anyone knows where it's definitely available I'd be enormously grateful. Cheers.

New tank not working with box mod

I bought a Uwell Crown 3 tank recently and at first (about a week) it was working perfectly with my Smok Alien box mod. However it suddenly stopped vaping.

I thought it might be the coil but before changing it I decided to try it on an old IPV 4 box mod and it worked. I then tried my old Crown 2 tank on the Smok Alien and it works fine with it.

I'm guessing this must be some sort of connection issue but I'm not sure how to diagnose this or fix it.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>New tank not working with box mod

Newb head hung in shame…..

Hello all i am very new to the <a href="”>vape scene and have just purchased a target mini and a innokin d50 system now i dont know what tank is on the d50 but its got aspire on it with air holes at the bottom. For which i purchased a new coil earlier have no idea what type it is. Its got aspire on it with 0.4ohm 40-60w. What sets would people suggest for a quiting smoking <a href="”>vaper?

Also the target mini 40w has a guardian tank and again i purchased a new coil for it earlier but again have no idea what it…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Newb head hung in shame…..