New life in London

Hello Everybody,

As I have explained in my introduction (you can find my introduction in the thread "Hello from Belgium"), I plan to move in London. It is one of my dream to live there, sinds I am a child. I came a several times and I really love this city and this country.
Why I have subscribed in this forum is to meet new people. I would like to make new friends and start a new life there. II think it is important to meet new people before to start an adventure like that. Because I am a…

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K3 Aspire Starter Kit questions

Hey gang….
Just joined to ask this specific question! I have a K3 Aspire starter kit <a href="”>vape. I am looking for cheaper coils online.
What is the EXACT name of the coil I need to look for??? If there are other compatible coils could you include them and what differences there would be?
I googled and looked at my paperwork and can't find the specific name if the coil that goes with this <a href="”>vape!
Also, does it make a difference how tight the little ring is that is below the tank?
Is there…

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Clieto replacement – recommendations?

Hi all. I'm a long time Clieto user (4ml tank). I have 3 of them, ranging from the original two years ago to the recent one that came with the fat coils making it a 2ml tank.

However for the last 3 – 4 months I cannot get a coil to last longer than a few days. I'm aware of the vacuum lock, but I think it's just the inconsistent could that is causing the burnt taste.

I've done pretty much everything I can to see if I can get the coils to last a bit longer, but reluctantly I think I'm…

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Nautilus 2 Tank Issue


I've recently purchase the tank mentioned in the title. I've always used a Aspire CE5 previously but thought I would treat myself to a new one. I'm having a few teething troubles with it and I'm not sure whether it's me or I have a bit of duff tank.
Majority of the time I go to unscrew the top to refill it the coil gets stuck in the Chimney and then e-liquid leaks everywhere. Its seems to happen more with a sub-ohm coils than the standard ones.

Is this a known problem with this tank or…

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Best way to clean a Tank

Hi Peeps,

Having a slight issue getting rid of the scent (fruity) after tank cleaning.

Spent an hour or so cleaning my tanks today using just hot water, the tanks have come out lovely and clean but i'm still getting the fruity scent of the last liquid used…… there an easy way of getting rid of the scent without resorting to an ultrasonic cleaner with solutions?

I was kinda thinking Jif Lemon <a href="”>juice

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as this is well known to remove unwanted…

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XEO Void VS Halo Tracer Twist

What do you recommend as a 1st <a href="”>vape (starter kit), an XEO Void or a Halo Tracer Twist?
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