Vapestations .

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Has anyone on here played with building a <a href="”>vape station? Winter in MN sucks quite a lot so I'll be taking on some projects over this long winter.

0.20 dual clapton build, reading 0.14 on charon ts 218 ?

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so i did a 0.20 dual clapton build on my pulse 24 rda. It is vaping fine at around 80 watts at 0.14ohms. But i am a little concerned as to why my charon is not reading 0.20 ? even a little under would be fine. But 0.14 is crazy ! i am fairly new to building on a rda. This is my first attempt at a dual build. Any help is greatly appreciated guys ! thanks

Nutty flavour

Best tobacco/nut flavor pretty please (already tried USA mix and manabush sun) 😉 Getting a bit bored of manabush although I do really love them, my tastes are getting too used to it. Worried I might be tempted by real cigarettes again if I don’t find something else I like. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Mtl question

It's been sooooo long since I bothered with mtl but after settling up my work mate's starter kit today I had an odd hankering to get an affordable, decent mtl rebuildable and reminisce.

Just wondered which mtl tanks you could recommend – I've just watched a couple of reviews on the Vandy <a href="”>vape Berserker and thought it looked and sounded ideal. Any thoughts/recommendations?

Also, I currently <a href="”>vape at 2mg – what would be the ideal strength to <a href="”>vape at with mtl? Is there some sort of simple work…

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Vapor Storm NI80 Alien coils or Demon Killer Alien V2 (prebuilt)

Good evening chaps,

After struggling with my Geek<a href="”>vape Tsunami RDA on my Tesla Invader box I gave up on vaping for a while – plenty of vapour but little flavour. Recently however I gave it another shot and I'm back in love with vaping – I found anarticle on an Indian <a href="”>vape blog which advised to position some 24g plain old kanthal 12 wrap coils closer towards the Kennedy style airflow tubes. I did this and BAM! In your face flavour.

Anyway my question was has anyone tried these Vapor Storm…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Vapor Storm NI80 Alien coils or Demon Killer Alien V2 (prebuilt)

A question for the ladies

I can’t believe I’m asking this but I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine!

I’ve been analogue free for almost 4 weeks. I previously <a href="”>smoked around 10-12 marlboro menthols a day (can’t really say if there were times if it increased, if so not by much). When I quit I started vaping with 6mg liquids, first week or so I had headaches but then was ok and I’ve rarely felt like I wanted a cigarette unless I’ve not <a href="”>vaped for a long time.

This week I cannot stop vaping. I’m really not sure if it…

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Battery Advice

Hi, I've just ordered the following and would like some advice on which batteries to get off of fogstar. – Authentic YOSTA Livepor 160W TC VW APV Box mod – Some premade coils until I get into making my own – GOON V1.5 Styled RDA

Didn't think was too bad for the money as don't have a lot to spend and in serious need of an upgrade.