Dead Rabbit rda replacement screws?

Anyone know the size of the grub screws for the Dead Rabbit?

Two of mine were missing from the deck on opening from new and just wondered about the size so I can source more to keep as a backup.

Tried Google and the search field here with no luck. Thought someone may be able to help.

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Can’t handle 100% VG

So I think I am the only one out there like this but I used an eleaf Istick for 3 years using a 50/50 VG PG moved from 24 to 16 and stayed at a happy 8mg of nic and never had an issue with coughing.
My friend advised me to try a mod and a bigger tank it's a eleaf iKonn 220 and I got some max VG <a href="”>juice 3mg nic for it, but I can't take as big of a haul off it even a small one without coughing my lungs out, I feel like the <a href="”>vape <a href="”>juice is too light and somehow hits my throat like a knife. I…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Can't handle 100% VG