First E-Cigarette


Im just spilling my thoughts here on my journey into vaping and asking for recommendations/help.

The main motivation to quit smoking (tbh, I know, shallow but) I love skincare and I want to look as young as possible, the smell of cigarette on my clothes covering my perfume, and the fuss of having to roll cigarettes every time. I like to <a href="”>smoke but its not the most ladylike of things to do.

I want:
-something to make smoking cheaper. I go through a 30g bag of tobacco every 3 weeks…

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Looking for recommendations for new mod and tank

Hi All

I was using an Innokin TC100 with the iSub V tank – managed to drop it yesterday onto hard concrete! Tank smashed to bits and mod dead as a doornail. Think the mod was on it's way out anyway – it was struggling to maintain wattage, So I thought I'd see what people were using / recommending rather than just getting the same thing. I'm a real newbie when it comes to vaping.

I would say the flavour is the most important thing to me – don't mind how big the clouds are but do like a good…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Looking for recommendations for new mod and tank

The Brew Bros

Just have to drop a comment on a new UK company called Brews Bros. Bought the Iced OJ, Iced Tropicade and Black Reserve brew shots.

Only mixed last night but the Iced Tropicade is mega. Rocking it in the kylin at 88 watts at 0.15 ohms and its blowing my head off to be honest. Not had a <a href="”>vape like that for a while. Proper Lilt thing going on. Letting the others steep, the black reserve will be ready for christmas, thats a honey tobacco i think.

Good prices and customer service really good….

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A Yank in London

Visiting last week, my wife and daughter were browsing Foyles so I went outside for a <a href="”>vape.
Behold, a <a href="”>vape shop right across the street!
So on a lark, I strolled over since I am always looking for the perfect <a href="”>juice.
I asked if they had any sweet tobacco flavored on the fellow plunked down SY4 by Mirage.
The smoothest tobacco I have ever tasted and made a purchase.
Tiny 10ML bottles, quite the waste of plastic?
In any case, now I will have to buy from the UK because have never found anything…

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Probably a silly question but better asking to be safe…

Hi everyone.

I have done a coil build on my Cigpet RTA deck using 2x Demon Killer 0.85ohm Clapton coils. On my ohm tester the final resistance came out as 0.49ohm and when attached to my mod (SMOK Koopor 200) it shows as 0.50ohm.

I've been playing with the wattage, started off at 40W but not enough flavour. I'm now at 70 watts and the flavour is better but not quite there yet but I've noticed my mod shows the voltage when its firing…its hovering around 6.00 volts. It seems high in…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Probably a silly question but better asking to be safe…

A problem with my vape

Hey, I'm new to this forum and vaping in general and have come across my first problem.

I have an Aspire Pockex and for some reason it stopped working when I tried to refill it and now all it seems to do is get the <a href="”>juice into my mouth when I inhale, It makes no sound or anything and i'm not too sure what to do at this point. Have I damaged the whole machine or is it repairable?

Looking forward to being a part of this forum and learn new things about vaping!

‘bad’ coils

Hey guys,

Was just wondering, with shop bought coils, do you think it's possible to sometimes get a 'bad' one? I use a reauleux gen 3 when at home, but at work I prefer the convenience of an Aspire Pockex with a higher nic liquid. It was all going really well until I thought my coil might be getting a bit tired, so I put a new one in.

Now, the vapour doesn't taste so good, and it almost stings my nasal passages, like it never did before.

Do you think with shop bought coils, there can…

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