– thoughts?

Just discovered this site while for concentrates/one shots. Never heard of it before and was wondering if anyone has used their concentrates and if they are any cop? Prices look good but I've fallen into that trap before so I'm hoping that some of you chimps could offer advice.

Any info on their delivery times/charges and general customer service experiences would also help.

Thanks in advance! <img src="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie8″ alt=”:D” title=”Big Grin :D” />

Batteries Batteries Batteries

So after much deliberation I finally.pulled the trigger nought a Wismec RX Gen 3

I <a href="”>vape at around 80watts on 0.16 ohms… now I believe that's about 23amps.

What batteries would be best for this… assuming it's less of an issue as it's regulated as opposed to mechanical but surely there issome sort of advised safety level.

Was thinking of getting the Sony vtc5a… would just like some more experienced apes to confirm if these would be OK or is there a better option out there?

Battery help.

Hi Apes looking for some guidance. I haven't bought batteries for some time and have 2 mods on there way from a fellow Ape. There Evic Premo and the Smok r200 both capable of 200 whatts but i seldom go over 55 whatts they are both Daul battery mods. So what are the best long lasting 18650 batteries and best place to purchase from. Thanks.

entheon rda

has anyone tryed this yet iv got the hadlay so was just wondering how it compared to the hadlay thank you in advance for any info <img src="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:2thumbsup:” title=”2ThumbsUp :2thumbsup:” />

why doesn’t this work.

Ok. Before we start this isn't a pissing or piss take competition. I spoke to venomx when he sent this back as it didn't work properly and asked if i could run a thread to help show how a coil works. Yes I told him not to fiddle but I think we all knew that wasn't gonna happen.
So apes what has gone wrong here.

Photo removed.

Doggystyle RTA clones – SXK and SJMY

I have both and was asked about the differences between the two clones, particularly with regards to airflow. I've not noticed much difference, probably because I shut both right down tight, but there is one as shown in the pics below. The clear tank on the right is SXK and does have a small airway under the coil, the cloudy one is SJMY.


<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Doggystyle RTA clones – SXK and SJMY

New mod

Well I went shopping today and plumped for the wismec gen3, nearly bought an alien.

Couldn't get a charger easily so I'm trickle charging it from the wall.

I don't know if anyone has wismec but the screen seems rather underlit compared to my innokin?

Also, although it should, it doesn't ask if I've changed atomiser, it just accepts them.

I was unsure about batteries but they sold me some I can't remember the name of, they assured me they were ok.

Let's see how it goes.