Doggystyle RTA clones – SXK and SJMY

I have both and was asked about the differences between the two clones, particularly with regards to airflow. I've not noticed much difference, probably because I shut both right down tight, but there is one as shown in the pics below. The clear tank on the right is SXK and does have a small airway under the coil, the cloudy one is SJMY.


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New mod

Well I went shopping today and plumped for the wismec gen3, nearly bought an alien.

Couldn't get a charger easily so I'm trickle charging it from the wall.

I don't know if anyone has wismec but the screen seems rather underlit compared to my innokin?

Also, although it should, it doesn't ask if I've changed atomiser, it just accepts them.

I was unsure about batteries but they sold me some I can't remember the name of, they assured me they were ok.

Let's see how it goes.

Fallen in love – worried about my fidelity

Might seem a bit dramatic but it's true, I have.

I have a bunch of Minikin V2's and until today described myself as faithful and true to my shapely mod, she made me feel good when I held her warmth in my hand. But today my head was turned by the Lost <a href="”>vape Paranormal. I know nothing about her but she sure is pretty, well built, all dressed up and boy did she feel good when I wrapped my fingers round her.

I feel guilty, a bit dirty but I want her sooooo bad. Does anyone else have one? How…

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A guide on calculating amp load using a regulated mod.

Hi fellow apes, recently I have noticed a lot of people, mainly new <a href="”>vapers, asking if their build is safe on their regulated mod, and some confusion amongst the answers.

Skip to the end for a simple explanation of maximum wattage to use as a rough guide if you just want to know if you are in a safe zone or not.

I thought I would write a little guide to try and help here, and let everyone that uses a regulated mod know if they are within safe limits, or actually think they are safe,…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>A guide on calculating amp load using a regulated mod.