Next day

So, I'm on the mailing list for and received an email from them last week sometime saying that they were the cheapest place in the UK for 18650 battery's and they were even cheaper than eBay, Amazon and all other companies even with their discount codes. Now any other time I probably would have just read it and believed them but that afternoon I had been on and seen that 2 different types of 18650 battery's where cheaper than nextdaybatteries…

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Lost Vape Therion

I did have thread asking about which other mod I should get but I have decided to scrap the idea of those mods and get a therion. But not sure which one.

I was thinking about getting the newer 166 one but when I <a href="”>vape depending on <a href="”>juice, tank and coil I only <a href="”>vape between 50w and 130w. Would it be dumb for me to get the 166 or just get the 133?

Aspire Quad-flex Survival Kit

Ok so. The Aspire quad survival kit.
Is it as awesome as it appears.
Does anyone own and use it?
I can find it for £20 that's got to be awesome right?
Maybe I should have bought this for £15 when I saw it instead of the Griffin rta I found for £10 last week.
Even for the normal £40 it's got to be great right?
I'm just on the threshold of home coil building for a griffin rta and this product looks exciting. It's got…

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A few questions from a beginner

Hello everyone,

two days ago, my wife and i pre-ordered two "vaping devices" (Joyetech Cuboid Lite with Exceed D22, our first ones), and we're trying to get everything in order until they arrive from the US. Got a few questions, tried googling everything but i have to say that as a beginner, there's really no comprehensive "guide to the galaxy" or something.

So, right off to the questions: most importantly, apart from the devices, should we get anything on top of that? Are there…

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