Cheap rta for mtl vape

Hi all, not been on for ages, still vaping though.

After a little help, not bought anything new for ages and am in need of replacing my rat's, I have broke a calyx and a KF mini πŸ™ recently and my istick picos are wobbly :-(. I am now officially a mature student πŸ˜€ and on a budget. Would appreciate any recommendations for cheap (fastech is cool) rta's for mouth to lung (easy build) and flavour plus any recommendations on a mod too (pref external battery, cheap and I don't need high vw,…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”><a href="”>vape.146386/”>Cheap rta for mtl <a href="”>vape

Battery voltage and power

I am sure this is a face plant type of question and am almost reluctant to ask it however I've tried to find answers myself and cant find anything satisfactory so here goes…

Have a 60W regulated mod (Lost <a href="”>vape Epetite), 0.5 ohm atomiser (Atlantis Evo) and Sony VTC6 battery (3000mAh & 3.7V nominal).

Sooo, to my mind using Ohm's Law, the max wattage I would/should be able to achieve would be approx. 27W at nominal voltage and approx. 35W at 4.2V.

The question is what would happen if I set…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>battery voltage and power

Bland tasting ELiquid

I recently brought some E<a href="”>juice from <a href="”>vapegoo, usually I don't have an issue with <a href="”>juice and get great flavour but these 5 I get muted flavour.

I've got some premium liquid that is packed full of flavour so is there anything I can do to get flavour out of it?