Smok V8 Stick – Coil Query

I recently bought a Smok V8 Stick (3000 mAh version) by mistake, thinking it was the V8 BABY one like my wife has. I've not got a problem with this as it was my own fault and in retrospect the extra battery size is good for me.

The installed coil looks huge in comparison with the Baby coil and I was wondering if this is Smok's version of the Aspire Cleito EXO as a way to get around TPD tank sizes. If so then could I fit the smaller coils in it to gain back some volume, which coils if this…

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Recently many fans tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms, saying someone is plagiarizing VOOPOO Drag mod and the mod as the photo shows below sincerely copies our own work. For this, we made a professional comparison with these two mods, the mod, for the appearance, is 90% similar to VOOPOO Drag 157W mod.


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Recommended Maple syrup liquids?

Having had my taste buds delightfully worked over by Chiricahua Sun and Minotor etc I'm looking for moreish stuff in similar vein. Any primate recommendations for a good rich maple syrup experience? Not necessarily kiloton-sweet, but good depth and, er, nuance <img src="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:)” title=”1 :)” />
Be nice if maple was the/a primary flavour, but am open to it being pretty noticeable in the mix…

Thanks to all for some pointers!

help my throats burning

i have started using a smok t-priv with baby beast tank a while back. was enjoying for a while but after coil change its been burning. ive been trying to use it for a week or so now. its weird most of the time it tastes normal but id say one in every 5 hits i get a horrible burning, i wouldnt say the taste is affected at all it just really hurts to take it back. im not entirely sure but it seems to fix it if i just open up the top as if to fill it then close it again? potentially just need…

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Is my charger ok?

Hello guys?
I own an istick pico istick 30w and a stick v8 baby by smok. I've been using 1 USB charger to charge all device, as they all look the same. I've been plugging the USB charger into device and I have an iPhone charging plug that I plug it into. Is this ok? Input say 100-240v 50-60hz 0.15 amp. Output 5v 1amp. I'm just writing, what it says on the plug. Hope some1 can confirm if this is ok or not. Cheers.

1st RTA Choice?

Hi <a href="”>vapers
I'm looking a t buying a new tank an RTA. And I've been looking at the Geek<a href="”>vape Griffin 25 so I can build my own coils. Is that a good one to buy or do you know a better one? Cheers. Dave.