Minikin v2 and batteries…

Hi all,
Bought a minikin v2 a couple of weeks back along with some nice new fresh batteries, always notice on the mod the right battery sign appears to drain and show drop before the left… After a few hours of use the battery's are not shown as equal charge on the display the one on the right on the signal always looks a few percent less than the other… Is this normal on the minikins? Haven't notices issues when charging both usually complete within a moment or two of the other being…

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Will the 20700 batteries more popular than 18650 for vape?

hey,guys, do you use small power or big power? my friend recommend to try big power, e-cig with vapcell ncr20700, but have little heavy, has everybody ever used both?(18650&20700),can give me some advice?

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Inconsistent flavors in vaping!

Hello <a href="”>vape apes!
I have been vaping with mixed results.
Most of the time I will start off with real good flavors then after a couple of hours the flavor seems to change significantly and get bland.
This has been the case with most of the tanks I'm using.

FYI my usual setups:
Hussar (copper<a href="”>vape)
Kayfun v5 (sxk)
Kayfun v5 mini (sxk)
Smok spirals
Coil Setup:

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Freezing Nic.

Good day fellow <a href="”>vapers, one and all, and a very happy Friday to you!

Just a quickie (ooh err). I've got roughly 2ltrs of Nic I need to freeze, what are your chosen methods and can you recommend where to purchase the best bottles etc for the job in hand…?

Most kind.

Need a dripper

Hey guys

I'm looking to buy a dripper I'm a practical learner and want a fairly cheap one to get me started.

Never bought but been looking at some goon RDA but there's a few making the choice a bit confusing.

Need opinions/suggestions

Max budget £15-20

Hope your all having a great day!!