Recommendations on Kanger Topbox Upgrade.

Hi everyone.

To cut a long story short; Saturday night, <a href="”>vape dropped and broke!
I've been using Topbox mini and looking for a replacement/upgrade for a new device which matches the topbox mini in performance and the following:

Same price rage – Under £50 for the full kit
Replaceable battery – preferably a single battery (1 in use and 1 spare)
Temperature control function (TC) that works with SS wire.
RBA – I mainly use the RBA mini plus that comes in the kit over SSOCC's so would like the…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Recommendations on Kanger Topbox Upgrade.

Is there a oneshot close to asap grape?

Lo peeps!

The question is:

has anyone come accross a one shot that's similar to the Nasty <a href="”>juice asap grape?

Or should I give up the hope and go along the lines of trying to make it myself?

Has anyone attempted it their selves?

At 4.99 a bottle at 10 ml…. You do the math, quiting smoking is good but spending even more money on another habit is bad.

Feel like opening up my own shop the prices their asking for!

Thanks in advance
Happy vaping