Lazy Mod Question

Ok… I can't be bothered to do masses of googling and why should I – I'm a member of this amazing forum! I want another mod. I'm not one for hundreds of mods and atties, I don't have the money and it would just confuse me. But I really would like a second mod. At the moment I use an Alien and have no issues with it at all. I like it's size and heft, feels good on my hand, and does more than enough for me. I usually <a href="”>vape between 20 – 30 watts but have been known to stray up as high as 70…

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rda beginner help

Hello! I was looking at Vaping Outlaws – Black Scorpion RDA as my first RDA Device but I am having trouble with finding coils. Vaping Outlaws offer many coils, not made and pre-built. As a beginner I think I would rather have pre-built coils. Can someone please recommend a good set of vaping outlaws pre-made coils? Because I do not understand the difference in the ohms of the wire, or the metals? I'm most familiar with Stainless Steel when Sub Ohming. I was looking at the 0.5ohm pre-built…

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Let’s be honest here.

Guys if there is already a post about this. Please tag me and delete if so.

So I was looking on YouTube on my top <a href="”>vape youtubers: vapnFagan, Mikey <a href="”>vapes, suck my mods, rip trippers ect. And I was wondering..

Why spend so much money (about 60+ usd /55+ euros) on a rts/rda/rdta/sub ohm? Is it the craftsman ship? Does it produce vapor? Douse it tastes better? What are your thoughts? mod is completely different here (SO DON'T ADD THOSE INTO CONVO LOL) I was looking at the Sherman rta tank….

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5 months cig free journey continues!!!

Hi guys as the topic goes I'm cig free 5 months which I'm really happy about! I have now found several <a href="”>juices which I wouldn't be without! I was going to list them and was wondering could some fellow <a href="”>vapers recommend some new ones to try based on my current favourites.?

Miami drip club ocean lime & little Havana

Neon lime slushie

Scott's custard

I would love to try a few really good custards & citrus finally something with a menthol kick would be great!!!

Thanks as always for the great…

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Fuschia 213 Mod. Safety concerns.

Does anyone know of a vaping mod that is PROVEN to be safe? I just bought my first mod today- it's the Sigelei Fuschia 213 (80 watts) and the guy gave me a pair of LG HG2 18650 batteries. I was reading online and found a couple stories where those exact batteries had exploded (one of them was in Bentonville, AR) so now I'm very paranoid about the whole thing. I know most of these incidents happen because of user error and/or involve Mechanical mods. I haven't heard a story yet about a…

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Looking for a mouth-to-lung vape pen.

I've searched all over but there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of MTL <a href="”>vape pens on the market today. I found Aspire Nautilus Mini (in a premium kit), with lots of positive reviews I guess, but what else is there? Mind you, I don't want to be carrying around a box, just a pen.

I'm now using a Smok <a href="”>vape pen plus (DTL). Basically Smok <a href="”>vape pen 22 with a stronger battery and a 4ml tank. I'm very happy with it and I won't stop using it. Cheers

I think i messed up!

Hi All,

I introduced myself earlier on this forum as the newbie!

Today was … let's just say a bit disappointing.

I ordered my kit 17 days ago and today due to third world country processes I received it.

I have ordered two smok v8 sticks big baby tank and one Alien 220 with baby tank.

Since I am a heavy <a href="”>smoker I thought the the logical thing was to order tobacco Flavor liquids (a whole lot of them) After taking the advice of the seller he suggested I take the 50/50 ratio to get a good…

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