General vaping habits and and a question on coils

Hi everyone. I'm a new <a href="”>vaper and have been <a href="”>smoke free for several months. It's been easier than I though and the transition to ecigs have been really easy. I wish I had done it sooner!

I seem to be burning though coils quite quickly which has brought me here to ask you guys for some advice. If I give you a little background as to what devices and coils I use, how I use them and my vaping habits, perhaps you could find some flaws in what I'm doing.

My devices and coils:

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What’s your favorite atomizers?

What's your favorite? It could be just one, or could be the pair of favorite rda & rta. Mine would be kylin for rta, simple and have good enough of <a href="”>vape along with taste. And pulse 22 is my favorite rda s for flavor and since it's small and ohms are a medium high range. I grab more vapor as well! Lol

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RDTA for flavour…?

Hi all, looking at purchasing an flavour RDTA and wondered if anyone has any input on the Cthulhu RDTA or the Perseus RDTA?

For reference i'm using a 24mm Goon with a dual Ni80 fused clapton build, I like to <a href="”>vape it at 90w-100w with 2 air holes open on either side.

My preference is flavour over clouds but don't want anything that's really restrictive, also would like something dual coil over single.


Arcing switch help

So know kinda struggling with this one.

I've got some marks on a new set of vtc5a's


Now these have only been used in my new X1 mod and I'm fairly certain I know why, I gave it a patina and got the threads a little so I brushed them out good but I think I missed some of the copper dust from it.

Usually I'd just give the whole thing a clean and a filling, sanding and clean up but the switch won't like that one bit because it's plated and I'd…

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Can I use a different battery with my endura t20

Hi, I'm struggling to find any info on the web. I've been vaping for a good 3 years and prefer the discretion of <a href="”>vape pens compared to mods and have recently purchased a Endura T20 which I liked until I got it wet and now it doesn't work. I'm looking for a replacement Endura (as I've stocked piled the coils to go with it) but with a larger battery as that one didn't last the full day. Can I use a different make battery with it? Or is there another brand which does a pen in at least a 2200…

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Cotswold Vapour Juice

Hi everyone,

I did a silly thing. I had never tried Cotswold Vapour before but as the flavours looked lovely I bought 3 golden flapjacks, 3 strawberry delight and 3 custard donut liquids all in 6mg. They arrived today and on the grand opening I discovered they are 60VG/40PG. I didn't think to look before I ordered them but I cannot use them as the PG is too high and makes my mouth do all sorts of funky things.

I opened one and tried it before I discovered its 40PG and another one I…

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22mm RTA Suggestion

Hi, I have a Crown Uwell Mini and I have been using the RBA section but find the draw a bit restrictive, and a little hot too. Also prefer to produce more vapor.

Can anyone recommend a good 22MM RTA that doesn't spit or leak and has decent flavour, don't mind if it's 2ML. Would prefer a reasonably priced one.

Thanks! <img src="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:)” title=”1 :)” />