NFE Team…custom firmware stuff

So I was doing a search for new releases of firmware's for my mods and come across this site, thought I would give them a shout out…

…they deal with a few custom firmware's for some very well known mods. So I thought 'shit', I'm gonna give them a go. Folks if you are a bit of a techy at heart, want something a bit different with new functionality from the following list then give them a go. My RX200 and Evic VTC mini have never had as much functionality…

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Smok AL85 Display Query

I have recently purchased a Smok AL 85 mod and although most of the display I understand, except for the horizontal bar across the bottom of the display which is some sort of 'slider' with an associated number which doesn't appear to be mentioned in the manual nor can I find anything on the net. Does anyone know what this indicates?

Thanks in advance.

Flavour concentrates question

Basically, whose concentrates are the most concentrated?

I'm using PG based nicotine and flavourings, so I need to limit my flavouring to about 15% of the total <a href="”>juice in order to maintain high VG levels in the sub-ohm versions of my <a href="”>juices, but with some of my recipes 15% isn't enough. Is price a reliable indicator of flavour strength, i.e. are the cheap ones weaker and therefore require more?

My source of choice at the moment is FlavourArt as they have a big range and usually deliver the…

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