Any engineers out there?

So I have two different Kanger tanks sat in front of me right now. The TopTank Nano and the TopTank mini.

Both tanks have identical coils in them; Ni80. And both have the same <a href="”>juice in them; Green Apple. 100% VG (according to the label) & 3mg Nic.

Both tanks are used on the same mod; Kanger KBOX 200 set at 25W.

The Nano produces exceptionally good flavour. Possibly the best flavour I have ever tasted in an atomizer tank with 100% VG <a href="”>juice and stock coils. Surprised and amazed me.


<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Any engineers out there?

Vaping too much hurts lungs?

Ok so I asked this somewhere else and the response I got were not helpful. Maybe I didn't describe the issue well enough so they thought it was more severe that it was but basically after vaping all day when I wake up in the morning my lungs feel a bit sore.

I used to <a href="”>smoke a lot of shisha (hookah whatever you call it) and the sheer amount of <a href="”>smoke always used to hurt my lungs the next day, so I assume it's just due to the '<a href="”>smoke' inhalation for vaping a lot?

It goes as the day gets on -…

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I was a bit late to the party with liquid, but I kept hearing good things, so with very little expectation of anything decent I got my first order a few days ago.

Gotta say I'm really impressed with them!

I actually expected them to be just something cheap to alternate in when I needed to lessen the £££ i'm spending, but each flavor I've tried has actually really impressed me.

So if you are like me & have avoided them because they are SOOOOOO cheap, consider having a punt on them, you…

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