Manabush – Too Thick?!? Going black in Nautilus


I'm just trying to wrap my head about some issues with Manabush liquid. I've used in a Nautilus and Nautilus 2 (0.7 coil). The <a href="”>juices I've tried are Sweet tobacco and Powow Sauce. They are both 18mg and 50/50; both are very thick and difficult to get out the bottle.

When used my tank struggles with them slightly (gurgles) which doesn't happen with any other liquid and the <a href="”>vape produced is somehow 'hollow' in sensation. The liquid then goes from dark to near black.

Wondered if…

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Smok Upgrade Tool Issues

Just got a new XCube Mini with firmware 1.0.2, smok has a newer version out but every time I run the tool, it just says "Get New Version Failed!", tried running as admin and multiple system restarts but still not working. Anyone encountered a similar issue and know what to do?? Cheers!

Asmodus Minikin V2 Broken Screen

Hi Guys,

i recently bought a new Asmodus Minikin V2 – very nice mod.
After 3 weeks i accidentally dropped it from around 1 meter height and broke the internal touch screen.
The rest of the mod is perfect i can even <a href="”>vape from it, BUT the internal screen is gone so i cannot adjust anything.
I opened the mod and removed the screen hoping to find a replacement for the capacitive panel (i am an engineer so no problem doing that by myself).

The only problem is to find the replacement screen….

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3 days max coils help

As the title says im getting 2/3 days out of my q2 0.4ohm baby beast coils vaping @ 50w so below the "sweet spot" for this coil……. im at 2000 puffs since buying the al85 and have already done 6 coils is this normal??

So im vaping at 50w with 70/30 or 80/20 <a href="”>juice not all sweetner heavy <a href="”>juices
i have put a 100ml bottle of dr frost grape ice through last 3 coils in roughly a week or so which is probably high in sweetner

seems expensive in coils if this is normal is it a smok thing or just…

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How toxic is nicotine?

You probably have read from EU level nicotine is toxic and the current LD50 has been about 30-60mg for over 150 years. Recently the limit has been redefine to be around 0,5-1g (1000mg). But is is lethal?

A 36 years old woman tried to commit suicide by ingesting 50ml of 30mg/ml nicotine liquid and result? After two hours ingestion the symptoms present were abdominal pain, nausea, and voluminous vomiting. Treatment was activated charcoal and observation for 6 hours.

So the EU's plan to…

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Coil Destroyers

hi apes, just wanted to start a thread so that we can share liquids that seem to destroy coils and whether we have any tips to save coils.

for the ultimate coil destroyer is manabush. I love manabush <a href="”>juices but over the last 6 months I have really lost my patience. 3ml of ixcacao will destroy my coil! funny thing is that when I first started vaping I used to be able to get at least a week on manabush out if my nautilus coil. not sure if anything has changed but now can't go thru 1 tank…

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