how to get rid of metallic taste after re-wicking ?

Hello everyone,

I have a problem when re-wicking my coils. For unknown reasons to me almost 99% of the times I re-wick my coils I get metallic taste. The problem is not limited to one type of wire, it happened with kanthal, SS, and Nicrome.

Here is what I do step by step:

1- remove the old wick
2- fire it till it get red
3- immediately after step 2 stop firing and pass the coils over tap water
3- repeat step 2
4- brush it with an SS coil brush
5- repeat 2-3 a couple of times.
6- put a…

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Coil issues

Having some issues with my coils lately, am wondering if they're normal, haha. Until recently vaping with the aspire bvc 1.8ohm coils on a nautilus 2, and basically as soon as I hit 10 watts or above it starts to taste burnt. Switched to the 1.6ohm to see if that would be better but after the first day it's pretty similar. I'm vaping a vanilla custard and I have heard that gums them up quicker but it still seems a bit sensitive, if you see what I mean. It's salt nicotine, and I think 60/40…

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Thinking of some kit for my elderly Mum

My Mum is in her eighties ( though you wouldn't know it to look at her) , has lung cancer (though, most of the time , you wouldn't know that either) and still <a href="”>smokes, albeit lightly.

i got her to try vaping at some point, and she was appreciative, seemed to get along with it, but didn't keep it up. I can't recall exactly what kit I bought for her before, but I'm thinking of gettting her back onto the vaping, and looking round for suitable kit.

I'm think an AIO set-up would minimise the…

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Steelpunk slug advice help.

Hi All, so i take my slug apart clean it up start putting it back together and the spring decides its going to fly off and get lost. No doubt the Mrs hoovered it up sometime the next day and i forgot to have the Vacuum and search for it.
So does anyone have a spare spring or can anyone give me the measurements so i can find and buy a replacement. Yes it is a clone by the way that i have but i do like the bloody thing hence the request. Thanks in advance for any help from any Ape. cheers…

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Evic mini upgrade mod options

Hi all.

Haven't been on here a while….new baby has been a game changer. Wondered if someone can offer advice.

I've got a evic mini – using it for about a year and a bit now and it's done me proud.

However I think it's time for an upgrade. I'd like something with a single battery so I can swap out batteries when needed.I tend to <a href="”>vape SS TC coils. My juiice of choive is manabush pow wow…not sure if any of thay info helos. Any suggestions. Happy to add more info if needed.

Only thing…

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