Battery question

At the moment I am using a smok alien and a cloud beast running about 80w and I use 2 samsung 25r which have a 2500 milli amp capacity. Usually my batteries have about a quarter left at the end of the day.

If I was to use a higher wattage then I am going to need better batteries but batteries that can produce higher power have lower capacity. If I was to use say LG HB6 which have a 1500 milli amp capacity would that mean when looking at the samsungs they would only last me half a day but…

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May we have a PG-free subforum?

I really hesitate to suggest yet another subforum for this place . It is huge!

But , heck, PG allegy is a growing problem. And PG-free vaping effects every aspect, not just mixology. There are also questions of what kit works best with 100% VG, for exmple. And which vendors have anything to sell that's any earthly use to a PG-free <a href="”>vaper?

A PG-free subforum would save us from sifting through masses of disappointingly useless information. .

The cloud-chasers might also find it useful!…

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Boom Boom Revolver Coil Jig V2 (Where can I find one)

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy the Boom Boom revolver coil jig V2 at? I have looked everywhere online and that I can think of to find one and can't. I just bought the Coil Master kit and realized that the 3 coil coiler jigs are way too small for the coils I want to make. That's when I found Boom Boom advertised online. Like on you Tube and stuff. When I find a place to buy it says they are no longer available or even they can't sell to the U.S. Unless someone…

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Similar More Affordable Juice

Hi all,

I have been vaping on premium <a href="”>juices and I just cant justify the cost of £15 for 30ML when I consume roughly 40ML a week, on top of coils its costing me £25 a week, bare in mind that smoking used to cost me £10 a week. Can anyone give some recommendations for some similar tasting <a href="”>juices to the premium brands below?

Grape Drank by Ruthless – my favorite ADV but at £16 for 30ML is too much for me

Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady – love the taste but it's a coil killer and at £15 a 30ML…

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Can’t Taste Anything Besides 2 Flavours

Hi all,

I've had <a href="”>vapers tongue for like 4 weeks now. I can't taste any flavour besides strong menthols, mints and cinnamon.

The two <a href="”>juices I've been using are Beard <a href="”>vapes No 32 & Tonix Peppermint. Those are the only 2 I can taste to their full effect. I've spent shit loads of money on other flavours over the past few weeks but everything tastes really muted.

I've even tried diy'ing and used one shot concentrates from Darkstar, Flavour Boss & Chefs Flavours but they taste even more bland….

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Kaos Spectrum

Anyone have the Kaos and having issues with the pleather peeling from the mod? There isn't any liquid coming off of the RDTA so I don't think it's that. It's not lifting up unless you use a nail (but you don't have to dig too hard to get) but I'm afraid it will come up and I won't realize it. I'll probably get some super glue or something if it starts getting too bad.