The compulsions of a vaper of 6 months

Hi again folks, and once again thanks for all the help on my nicotine suppliers post. Things are advancing merrily this way, I have purchased a sterilising unit (autoclave),ultrasonic cleaner, a mass of glass bottles, flavourings, PG,VG and all the necessary mixing paraphenalia. I quit smoking tobacco 6 months ago after 30+ years and now can't stand the smell of cigarettes, I can't understand now why I actually liked them as vaping has so many more avenues for me to explore. So, like many…

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Aspire BVC coils

Alright there,

I recently bought an Aspire Zelos and I think it's great…

I really loved the installed 0.7 BVC coil, just seemed perfect for MTL, for me.

Today I put in the 1.8 and I'm not loving it… It's ok, but I really liked the extra power from the 0.7.

Question is – is it gonna be worth trying the 1.6 coils, are they a slight improvement on the 1.8's? Or should I just stick to the 0.7's?

I only <a href="”>vape MTL with 50/50 <a href="”>juice at 1.2mg…


Kayfun v3 mini FT clone – 510 connector pin stripped

So after a LONG wait thanks to Chinese customs, I have finally received my K3m clone yesterday. Had a good play around with it, made three builds for practice as it's my 1st RTA and actually made one I felt was decent and didn't fail miserable at the wicking.

Lo and behold, 18 hours after I started using it the 510 pin has stripped and will not hold the square plate in place. Those who have seen it will know that I do not mean the part that screws onto the mod, as that is the square plate,…

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18650 Life Expectancy

Hi All,

Just wondering how long people are getting out of their 18650s?

I have a GX350 running 4x LGs (Brown ones… think they are HG2s). Bought the batteries about 7 months ago. Always been married and always charged in an external charger. Used to get 4 days running on a Griffin 25 Plus at about 85/90W.

Now runs a TFV12 at 110/120W and used to be 3 days but noticed in past two weeks I'm down to day and a half. Are these batteries dying on me? Only £20ish for the 4 so if they lasted…

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