Smok Al85 – Sudden Death

Hi guys,

Really hoping someone can offer some insight on this because I have Googled to death and cannot find anyone who has experienced the same issues without having attempted a firmware update and bricking the mod.

Bought the Al85 literally at the end of April, served me well, no problems up until this morning. Was puffing on it as usual, nothing out of the ordinary and it literally just stopped firing, as if it was low on battery. Took a look at the screen, totally dead. Tried…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Smok Al85 – Sudden Death

My next mod?

I've just got a griffin 22 and love it, but now my pico's falling apart and my cuboid's too heavy to carry around all day. Been looking at either IPV6x from DNA <a href="”>vapes £29 delivered (and chance the firmware) or Smoant Battlestar from GearBest. Really want a dual 18650 as pico eats the batteries with the griffin, but smaller & lighter than a cuboid. Can anyone recommend either of these or something else? Probs with Alien are putting me off. Budget won't stretch to a minikin ☹️

Importing EJuice post-TPD

I've got a hankering for some e<a href="”>juice thats only available in america, like Air Factory, Jam Monster and some other larger bottled liquids.

Im wondering if anyone's ordered any E<a href="”>juice from an American site post TPD and had any issues with customs etc?

And if so, any recommended suppliers from the states to use?


Mech Mod Recommendations

I'm looking for any suggestions over which mech mod to go for and why it's the one. I've not used mech's in over a year or so and the sheer number of options is more than a little overwhelming so I figured I'd ask what mods people are using and liking.

I'm not fussed if it's a clone of a higher end mod as long as it's comparable in quality to the authentic or wether or not it's a hybrid device.