Is this allowed under TPD ?

Whilst I was in a B & M today a customer was buying a large bottle of 0 nic <a href="”>juice and some nic shots.
One of the staff offered to add the nic shots to the <a href="”>juice for the customer and proceeded to do so to show him what exactly he needed to do in future to get the nic content the customer required.
One sale, and one happy customer !
But… this 'allowed' under the TPD regs or not ?

New rda heating up mod hot

So I got a real cheap velocity clone today and in a rush to try it I set up a dual coil using 24g kanthal ( 2x1ohm= 9.5 wraps at 3mm @ 0.5 total ) while test firing it the bottom pin ( copper) got really hot and started to heat my mod ( kbox 50w).

Is this down to it being a cheap no named clone or the kanthal I used? I know the 24g isn't good for this but it's all I have until new wire arrives

When to drop nicotine level

I currently <a href="”>vape 70%VG <a href="”>juice 6mg @ 55w on my alien kit with the baby tank. I tried vaping my old 60VG 12mg <a href="”>juice @130w using the cloud beast and it was like a massive nicotine rush.

I was wondering when should I try to lower my nic level to 3mg?

PS to add I used to smok 50g of amber leaf baccy a week or a back of tabs