You tube channels

Any one suggest a good youtuber for mods tanks & coil building etc

Rip Tripper does my head in, grim Green's a bit of a knob and Todd just sends me to sleep!!! Anyone else out there that people rate??

Love Peace <a href="”>vape

Buying a litre of 70/30

Hi guys, So I'm buying a litre of 70 vg 30 pg liquid. No nicotine and no flavour. I currently <a href="”>smoke 0.3ml nicotine, but I have some <a href="”>juice that is 0.6. Do you think if I add say 12ml of the 70/30 plain to my 0.6 ml shop,bought <a href="”>juice it will be ok? I know I'll lose some of the flavour, but the rate will m getting through <a href="”>juice is getting crazy Any help much appreciated.

DNA Chip – Ohms Too High

Hi all,

I keep getting this error when using a Uwell Crown 3 0.5ohm SS316 coil in Power Ctrl mode. I've read online that it's something to do with 6v output voltage.

What's up with that and is there a fix?

Feels like a waste of a tank now as I was preferring the 0.5 coils to the 0.25.

When do I need to replace my coil!?

Probably a really daft question. I've got over the initial need to rebuild my deck entirely every five minutes. I'm now just replacing the cotton. I'm getting a bit worried as I think I've had the current coil in the for about three weeks. I dry fire when I've removed the old cotton to get the crap off and the coil looks almost like new, just a bit drier is the only way I can think to describe it's appearance. There's no hot spots or black spots and it's resistance isn't changing much, 0.7x…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>When do I need to replace my coil!?