Fantasi Liquids

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I tried my mate's fantasi orange ice liquid and couldn't get enough of it. Was going to buy all three ice flavours they have, but all the sites i've checked that did deliver to the UK has them sold out.

Anyone have any idea where i can buy the fantasi liquids and have them delivered to the UK? 30 or 60ml, but preferably 3mg.

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New to vaping

Hello I am pretty new to vaping. Tried it before when it first started catching on but it didn't stick. I decided to try again and got set up with a kanger tech subvod mega tc kit that came with the top tank mini, wasn't a big fan of the top tank mini due to it leaking all the time. I went to another shop and got the Uwell crown mini and am pleased with it I've had it for about a month and a half and like it alot. I upgraded to a tesla cigs 3 and was thinking of getting into building any…

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which Ohms

Hi, I previously sort the help from this forum to get started on vaping. purely as a starting point I purchased a Kanger Evod Mega which is not bad. I had what I think is a common problem in that it would not charge. I Googled this and have remedied it. Now instead of the pen flashing 5 times it only flashes3. Again research tells me a new coil is needed. However there seems to be 5 or 6 different resistances and I just don't know which Ohm to purchase. Would someone please help me on this….

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big baby or cloud beast?

I have a baby beast and I picked up a cloud beast last weekend at the local. I love both but hate the 3ml capacity of the baby and I (gonna sound like a dick) hate the colour of the cloud beast, it's purple and my alien kit is black and red so it looks a bit shit. I was thinking about compromising between the two and getting a big baby beast I know a UK supplier still selling non TPD tanks online. Should I get the big baby or see if I can get another cloud beast?

Coil Master V3 Kit with V4 Coil Jig set included any good?

I own a few Smok TFV8 Cloud beast's (6ml tanks)
A Smok TF RDTA (5ml tank) and I'm planning on buying two Cleito 120 RTA/RBA systems for my two Cleito 120 tanks.
I also have the Kangertech Top Tank mini RBA and the Pro Tank RBA.
My plan is too start making my own coils for all my rebuildable tanks especially my Smok's and Cleito 120's so as a newbie I've been doing my research (mostly YouTube) on how too coil build.
Long story short, is the Coil Master V3 Kit with V4 Jig Set (included)…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Coil Master V3 Kit with V4 Coil Jig set included any good?

Just set up my first mech mod!

Got the Tsunami Mech Kit and it's the dog's bollocks [emoji41]

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Kanger dripbox

Hi guys

I was wondering if this is a good starter kit to get into this squonking…

I can buy the premade coils if i cant do it myself.

Or is there something a bit better to start with. Ive never built a coil or anything.

Seen it on ukecig store for £35
Good price or not?