Increasing OHMs for flavour ??

Hi !

Please help !

I had the tvf8 smok tank (T8 coils) on the alien 220 mod, <a href="”>smoked it on 130 watts, my sweet spot. It gave nice clouds and taste.

Then I switched to the TVF12 tank, also from smok. It produced high and great amount of clouds but with no taste at all !!! It has the T12 coils (0.12 ohms) on it.

Bypassed the coil ohms recognition feature in the alien mod and increased the ohm resistance from 0.12 to 0.22 and BOOOM intense and extreme flavour is found at last !

So please…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Increasing OHMs for flavour ??

Coilmaster + RDTA From Gearbest

hi all, i have seen the coilmaster listed on gearbest for around £15
as with the ijoy combo £16
im looking at getting, are these both legit items and what are your thoughts on gearbest in general as never used them before, i have read all the reviews and every1 on these items seems happy with them.

should i get them or stay clear
appreciate the help and advice

Blood Sukka. Vampire Vapes

At the moment I'm addicted to Vampire <a href="”>vape Heisenberg. It has to be not only the best flavour but the best quality concentrate I've used. I love fruit <a href="”>juice and, never ever thought I'd say this but menthol too.

I'm thinking of trying some of their other flavours and Blood Sukka looks quite appealing. Just wondering if anyone had tried it and what their views are on it?

Question about mech mods

So can someone explain to me how there is such a stark price difference between mech mods on the market?
Say for example comparing the Wotofo SMPL (£18.99) to a Sub Ohm Innovations mod (£199).

Is there any justification for the 10x price? Has anyone used both and can say there's a massive difference?


First diy

Hello people, advice again please. Just made my first e<a href="”>juice and didn't have the patience to let it steep. I've made it 75/25 vg/pg. Not much flavour as can be expected I guess. But it leaves my mouth with a little bad taste and maybe a very tiny bit numb. Made it at about 6mg and used darkstar kanzi one shot. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you

Increasing nic in boss shots

hi guys, I have some boss shots (500ml bottles) mixed at 3mg. I plan to use in my dtl set up but would also like to use in Mtl so need to increase nic. Want to try at 6,12 and 18mg. If I where to mix up 10ml samples how much nic do I need to add to reach the above levels? (My maths is shocking!) 🙂

MTL Tank for High VG


I am looking for a recommendation for a new tank and coil. For context, I have been happily using the Natulis Mini with Coolfire IV for 2 years, almost exclusively using Mirage Oasis B&H 50/50 liquid.

Unfortunately, the liquid is going to be discontinued and, without sounding picky, I haven't found another 50/50 I can stomach for more than an hour, I have found a few 70/30s which are quite pleasant, but they tend to clog up my coil.

So…. I'm looking for recommendations. I have…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>MTL Tank for High VG

Herakles v2 or Crown 2?

Hi all,

Long story short I fell off the wagon, started smoking again and sold my old setup (IPV6 & Herakles RTA). Just bought a tarot nano with the veto tank (quite like it) to see me through until I buy a higher powered mod.

Bought the big baby beast yesterday but Im looking for one more tank for the meantime. Unsure what to go for but I had the Uwell Crown v1 previously and quite liked it and as mentioned the herakles RTA which I loved, although not looking to build again.

Which would…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Herakles v2 or Crown 2?