IPV Vesta Yihi 410 chipset by P4U

Noticed a new IPV mod by Pionner4u today its called the vesta, looks pretty good contains the YIHI 410 chipset.
So far Cigabuy have the cheapest preorder. heres the link if you are interested. but it maybe worth waiting for others like Fasttech and Gearbest to see what price they put up, I say this because Cigabuy charge for shipping. Looks like only 2 colour schemes so far. Black or black and red…

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DarkStar nic harsh?

Anyone else found DarkStar nic a bit on the harsh side? I'm mixing to 3mg and even after a couple of weeks in the cupboard and numerous shakes i'm still getting a faint taste of nicotine, a bitter, chemically taste which I've never got when buying eliquid from online retailers.

What nic do people recommend?

TFV8 started leaking after months

Hi guys,

I know, I'm sorry, another thread about TFV8 leakage… there's loads out there but none have answered my issue. So I got the tank a few months ago and since then have been using some of the stock coils, the stock RBA and the RBA-16. It was perfect for ages, filled right to the top, could even fill with airflow's open if i was quick and no problems until a few weeks ago.

Whats happening is when I fill the tank after about 5 mins some of the liquid leaks out the air holes, doesnt…

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Smok X Cube Ultra Box Mod Questions

Hello POTV Family,

I have been vaping for about a year now but I have always used simple charge and go vaping kits such as the Eleaf iCare and Joyetech AIO but I am now wanting to get into the bigger boy stuff and I really like the look of the Smok X Cube Ultra Box mod.

But I would like to ask some questions to those in the know to make sure I am going to spend the big cash on something that will suit me.

  • Do I have to buy a battery charger with this kit or can I charge the…

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