Best ohm coil for 60w

hi, started building my own coils this week, first attempt have turned out well (surprised myself!). What is the best ohm build for vaping at around the 60w mark? I am using a smok alien with a goon tank. Currently have a dual build at 0.363 ohms. Thanks.

What am I doing WRONG??


Since it is my first post here I would like to say Hi to everyone!

It's my second try to <a href="”>vape instead of <a href="”>smoke cigarettes. (1 pack of Marlboro's for day – 3 years+)

First one was with iGo AIO, now I try again with Eleaf Pico Mega and Serpent Mini

Thought It would be all fine when I switch to Pico but problem persists.

I used to have burnt taste all the time, read all I can on the internet- priming the coil, letting it settle down a bit to soak, inhaling gently to…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>What am I doing WRONG??

1 month in, mistakes to avoid.


I am 1 month in to vaping.
I bought a Smok Alien with the TFV8 tank after trying a few different mods in the shop.
After buying less than 10 bottles of premade <a href="”>juice I decided that mixing was the way for me to go.
I thought I'd share a couple of the schoolboy errors I have so far made in the hope of helping maybe even 1 person.

1. Got an RBA like I got bundled in with the tank like I did ?, use it. No point wasting cash on those prebuilt coils. You can get months and months worth of…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>1 month in, mistakes to avoid.

Upgrade from Aspire K3?


I've currently been using the Aspire K3 for the past few months to help me stop smoking.

Am looking to upgrade to something for a better MTL <a href="”>vape and the possibility of DLI in the furture and gain more flavour from the 50/50 liquids I've been using at the moment.

I've been looking at the Plato or Zelos for the next upgrade, mainly towards the Zelos at the moment.

Any recommendations would be great.

Which mini mod do i buy?

Been looking for a mini mod for a while and just cant decide. Im a MLT <a href="”>vaper at the moment but would like to try subohm and maybe move onto a rba at lower wattages 30-50? so 80w max mod would be ok. Been considering

Tarot nano
Snow wolf mini
Nugget v2.0

Or if there are others around £45?

Please help me decide