To all you juice makers

Hi guys and gals. Any of you making <a href="”>juice that would maybe think of selling a few bottles. Looking to try home made stuff before I take the plunge and start myself before TPD kicks in. I <a href="”>vape on a 0.25 omh coil. Usually 70 vg 30pg but willing to try most things cheers guys

RX2/3 imbalanced batteries error

Fellow apes,

As per title, my rx2/3 (which is only 2 months old) keeps chucking up an imbalanced batteries error regardless of whether I'm using 2 batteries and 3 batteries.

I've got an xtar vp4 charger and have charged the batteries in that until they're all fully charged. I'll pop them in and it'll read 100%, I'll fire it up and instantly it'll read as imbalanced. Turn the mod off and I get the charging logo on the screen, so I hold all the buttons down to give me the battery voltage…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>RX2/3 imbalanced batteries error

Need all day vape recommendations

Love a bit of sub ohm vaping, but need something a little less cloudy for daily 9 to 5 grind. Been using the Smok Tfv4 mini 1.8 ohm at 20 watts which does the job, but looking to upgrade.

Been really impressed with the smok coils, seem to last forever, but all the new tanks seem to be sub ohm.

Any recommendations for a non sub ohm tank and coil that will last longer than a few days, need at least a 5ml tank to last the day.

Had a few beers so sorry for the spelling [emoji16]

Melo 3 mini Disaster

I have a Pico with a Melo 3 Mini tank. I'm using a 1.8ohm Triton coil after asking for advice on the forum. I'm using a 60vg / 40 pg <a href="”>juice at 18mg.
First time using it today as I wanted to get everything, batteries, Chargers, charging safety bags, new Jimmy <a href="”>juices, yadda yadda before using it (who said OCD??)
So I got myself all set up, primed the coil, loaded the tank, took my first excited inhale…..yuk!!! Mouth full of liquid!!! Lots of gurgle. The coils seem to have pretty big inlet…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Melo 3 mini Disaster

Geekvape vs MKWS wire ?

Happy satnite <a href="”>vapers.
I'd usually using clapton ka1 geek<a href="”>vape.
and now my favorite <a href="”>vapeshop is out of stock of it, and he offers me to try the mkws clapton, cuz the geek<a href="”>vape clapton is on process of restocking.
So my question is, which brand is better on "wire world" ? Mkws or geek<a href="”>vape do you guys prefer to ?
Thx for helpin.
Happy vaping !

Vaping Biker vs the Case Maker

a few weeks ago I sent a message via email to our good friend the vaping biker (aka you-tube reviewer etc) the email was about "the vaping biker" doing a review on his channel about my cases well, I didn't hear from him so posted on here saying in my normal big mouth way that I had gone 'off him a bit'…..

he read it (oh shite) and sent me a message

a long conversation took place and here is the result….

his challenge was to make a desk stand with no lid to display his most precious…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Vaping Biker vs the Case Maker

Serpent mini help

right o got myself a serpent mini it's bloody amazeing flavour love it but….
Only way I get it wick is buy loosening the fill cap then air bubbles poor to the top right back up and have a few puffs then loosen cap againe and so on….how do I stop it ?