Best of all worlds

Ok so everyone loves good flavour as I do myself. Some like building coils as I do also but I don't enjoy the dripping in my rda. I do like a good thick vapour that's smooth and full of flavour and a pretty decent cloud but that's not the most important thing (and gets a bit annoying when driving or watching tv)
I've tried small build decks and don't like them. I've tried the good size deck on my rda and I like that.
So what tank can I get that's rebuildable with a good size deck that has…

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Trying to find the right e liquid

Hello, so I've tried some research but I can't seem to get anywhere for my specific search. I'm trying to find an e-liquid (price doesn't matter) that includes nicotine (as I'm going to quit smoking), doesn't have crazy tastes (mint or tobacco flavor is ideal for me) and the most important part is that it has 0% chance of harm. I heard some liquids can cause irreversible damage on your lungs from unfiltered chemicals or popcorn lung, etc. If I could get some recommendations I would be…

<a href="https://www.planetofthe<a href="”>”>Trying to find the right e liquid