Another battery question

I've been reading up on 18650 batteries having taken the plunge and ordered a Pico. I've seen a lot of good advice on here, and was checking out Fogstar of course. I was thinking that 2 of their 3500mah batteries would be the way to go for me – I know they have a lower amp rating but it's highly unlikely I'm ever going to <a href="”>vape at over 20w. I'm after longevity over huge amounts of power, though of course I understand they are powerful enough in themselves. The Pico only needs one battery, so…

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New guy with a question on Vaping/Running

Hi all, new here!

I was wondering if there is any scientific evidence correlating vaping to how fast you can run?

I ask because being in the military I need to pass a 1.5 mile running test at 10:30 minutes, something I am currently struggling with.

I used to <a href="”>smoke 20 a day, and I quit 6 months back. But now I <a href="”>vape on 3mg with 70 VG and 30 PG.

I read somewhere that PG is slightly harsher on the lungs, should I switch to VG? I also thought maybe increasing my nicotine and using the <a href="”>vape…

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Which one to buy?

Hi all,

I'm looking for an e-cig and have no idea about any of this. I bought a tornado tank about 8 years ago and didn't like it, yet i'm told they have come some way since then.

I'm looking for something cheap, around £30 but something that's going to give a kick. When i some i sometimes have 2 in a row or do an Irish waterfall to get a good hard kick out of a cig. I have been thinking of getting a box mod but i honestly can't believe how many are on the market these days.

Can anyone…

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Eleaf mello mini 3

Just bought this and keeps leaking <a href="”>juice from the vent am so frustrated [emoji36] help please I'm using ibreathe tobacco med with it and well it's finished leaked out. Also mentioned that I have wasted the 0.3 coil that came with it and now using the 0.5 coil still leaking from airflow vent

Apex o rings!?

Hi all I've been vaping for around 9 months now and really enjoying and I have a little collection of mods and tanks, drippers, rta's etc but I still like going back to my starting tank the isub apex I do like the flavour I get from it. However the little oring that seals the bottom cap on has vanished and it really bugs me becouse it wiggles around a bit. Does any one here no if they do spare/replacement seals as I can't seem to find any anywhere? Any help would be appreciated thanks.