DNA 250 which is best?

Time to treat myself again I think, been looking at new DNA 250 mods, mainly the VT250, Triade 250 and Finder 250, obviously the chip is the same in them all but what about build quality, have seen quite a few complaints about paint chipping on Triades but also most seem to say it is best build quality.
Also complaints about buttons not working on the VT250.
Any first hand experiences of any of these mods or maybe an alternative would be appreciated.

Have Subvod, now want bigger/better?

hi guys, new here!

I currently have a kanger subvod and have been using for 6+months now.

Great little thing for the pocket and has been great thus far. However I'm now at the point where the flavour/clouds aren't doing it for me.

I want something bigger & better with more options. Having seen the mods in the 100w range and also the 200w range I'm wondering what will be best for me?

Tried out a Smok Marshall with baby beast tank and that was great, however I've seen the Wismec realeaux…

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Nx75 box battery question

Hey guys, I got myself an nx75 and atlantis evo in January, I got 3 samsung 18650 batteries, I had this on charge over night as usual and today when I hit the fire button the mod starts at 0 goes up to around 20 watts then up to the 36 watts I like to burn at, I swear it never used to do this, it used to go straight to the 36.
The battery is only a month old, also when I hit the fire button the battery indicator shows the battery drop to half full then up to just under full, is this normal,…

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Constant leaking of TFT3 smok coil

Morning everyone,

I've came across a very frustrating issue,

For around a year I've been using the smok tfv4 tank with the triple coils, smoking it with homemade flavour made by friends majority of the time and at around 60w with my rx200 mod.

Since last week I purchased a new packet of coils but without fail the tank is always leaking from the bottom airflow. I've tried various things from dismantling it and reassembling it all and making sure everything is nice and tight to changing…

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