Fastech order form

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only ordered from fastech just a few times but never seen this orange writing along side my items?
Any idea what it means.


Hi all,

I have been thinking about starting vaping for a while but need a little bit of advice on what kit to get. I don't want anything too fancy or expensive but I also want something that is going to last me a while. My mum is vaping and she started off with the pens but now uses a slightly bigger one (I think it's the iLeaf and another one a similar size).

What would you recommend? I don't understand all about atomisers and coils and so on and what you have to do with them either so…

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Help me please

Hello people, I'm having issues with my coils burning out within 2 days and sometimes 1. I have an arc 3 which I use at under twenty watts with .75 coils. Recently bought eleaf coils and bought a load of £1 liquids and since then my coils burning quickly. Before this I had bought different coils which were fine. Also I have washed my tank out with hot soapy water and primed it very well. Need to go after work and buy new coils or liquid but don't really want to buy both. All help very much…

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